Friday, August 19, 2011

Day Fifteen: All's well that ends badly

Today was a mess, diary, and I got in trouble again. At least the prince knows I know he’s the prince now, though. And at least I know who to talk to if he runs off.

I was up all night before I found Prince Logan, and by that point I was stumbling around like a drunk. He'd fallen asleep on top of the west wing of the castle, slumped against one of the towers. Somehow he managed to climb the ramparts up to the roof.

Fully woken I ran to get help, and half the castle came out to try and get the prince down. He roused eventually, but he wouldn’t leave his tower – and he kept sticking his tongue out at anybody who tried to reach him and fouled up. One of the farmers actually fell on a spear.

That was enough for King Jeffrey. He came roaring out of the castle with his entourage, demanding Prince Logan come down at once. He even declared a new mandate on the spot: kids aren’t allowed to climb the castle. His ministers ratified it and everything, right in the bailey. So weird.

The prince didn’t care, though. He tossed a lump of bird poo at his dad’s head. Hit the king right between the eyes. That set the king off again, and everybody was quiet while he yelled. He called Logan a ‘son of a bitch’. Isn’t that an insult against Queen Daena? Pretty unfair, since she’s a nice lady. I like guarding her tree.

Anyway. Eventually The Baron stepped up. He’s one of the friendlier nobles in the castle. Tipped me a few times. He managed to quietly coax Prince Logan down with some ice cream. He even stopped King Jeffrey from walloping the prince as soon as his little feet touched the ground.

So I guess if I have trouble with the prince again, I’ll just call The Baron. He seems to know what to do. Word is he’s the prince’s tutor, so I guess that makes sense.

I’m beat, diary. I was up all night looking for the prince. Philip the Ghost followed me most of the way, scribbling nonsense on my armour with chalk. I don’t know what any of it means, but it must not be pleasant.


Dragomir the Guard

PS - I think the prince wrote in you last night, diary. It makes sense. Maybe they should send Logan to Robert the Librarian instead if that’s the kind of garbage The Baron is teaching him. Shit, really have to find a new hiding place...

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