Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day Twenty-Two: For your eyes only

Huh. Not sure how I feel about the queen writing in my diary. At least she’s better at it than her son. And more polite.

Speaking of the prince, he came visiting today, diary. Unlike the last time I saw him, Logan actually looked like a prince, with a clean shirt and a little cape and all the rest. Very purple. I don’t think he liked the look, but given that The Baron was on his heels he probably didn’t have much choice.

It turns out that Prince Logan isn’t that friendly if you get to talk to him OFFICIALLY, diary. He’s arrogant. He barely said two words to me the whole time - and he had one of his royal guards push me down so he could use my back as a stool. The Baron seemed to approve, though he dropped a gold coin in front of me as a tip for letting the prince have his way. At least Logan’s light.

He left after a couple hours of chatting with his mother, and once I’d collapsed after standing on all fours for way too long she apologized. She said he’s not normally so cruel. He just acts that way when The Baron’s around, ‘cause that’s the way nobles are supposed to act. He’s doing as he’s told. When I asked the queen if she’d sit on me if she had the chance, she laughed.

Would she? I’m not sure, diary. Probably not. I hope the king never tries to sit on me. He looks heavy. And I bet he'd try to turn me into his own personal horse or something. I've never tried, but I bet I wouldn't be able to neigh.

The queen’s asleep right now. She looks kinda sad when she's dreaming. I’ll have to ask her why in the morning. Maybe she’s having a nightmare. I hope not – she’s a nice enough lady that she should only have good dreams.

I wonder if I’ll look like that in my sleep when I have a kid.

Gotta go, diary. While the prince was sitting on me I chatted with his guards. Apparently there are goblin war bands in the area. I need to keep my eye open so the queen and I don't get skewered in the night. Wouldn’t do to slack. The thought of being killed by a teensy goblin is... humiliating.


Dragomir the Guard

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