Friday, September 23, 2011

Awwwwwww shit

Yeah, I’m back. Something happened just before the weekend. I thought I was gonna get through the whole week without a disaster at the end. But no, this something that happened is very, very bad.

And I'm in deep shit. Gulp.

Not long after I left the library and stuck you back in the rat farms, diary, I was summoned by Grylock. When I entered his chamber I found him lying in bed, sicker than most people have a right to be. I figured it was the wine I’d brought him, but no, he was too purple for it to be wine.

He took one look at me, pointed at my armour and screeched. Then I got sent out again. The summoner, a pimply-faced boy, also told me to get lost. I wasn’t sure what had happened...

... until I got back to my quarters. One of the castle’s doctors was waiting for me, and he had a heavy-duty breath mask on his face. He checked out my armour and found a thin lining of yellow dust on it, that crap that’s always floating off the ledgers in the rat farms. He told me that it’s called foulfungus... and that I’ve been spreading it around the castle.

Me. It's my fault. That’s why everyone’s been so sick. He says goblins get especially sick around foulfungus, so lord knows what’s gonna happen to Grylock. Judging by his face earlier, he's probably gonna turn into a grape.

Wonder if that would make him taste good. Hrm. Probably have better things to worry about right now than the taste of a sick goblin.

The day’s almost out, so the king’s apparently gonna talk to me - just me - on Monday. First thing. That’s scary as hell, diary.

Why am I not sick, though?

Confused and possibly about to get fired or killed or imprisoned for life,

Dragomir the Doomed

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