Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day Thirty-Nine: Restricted access

I’m disappointed, diary. And a bit annoyed. I thought that I would get to take Grylock on a full tour of the castle. That’s not what he wanted, though - he just wants me to take him to one part of the castle. And it’s not even a part I can enter!

I tried. Really, I tried. I went to the captain and asked. When I told him Grylock wanted to see the east wing of the keep, though, he got all shifty-eyed and said no. Then when I said that Grylock was ambassador and could do whatever he wanted, the captain called me stupid and still said no. Asking why earned me a bucket of cow poo on my head.

You'd think Cedric doesn't like me.

After I washed up I told Grylock that we couldn’t go. He told me that we were going anyway. Said he should have known by now what’s in the east wing, but that King Jeffrey decided to delay some announcement he should have made. And since he should have made it, everyone in the castle should know. And since Grylock’s now living in the castle, he should know. And because I was Grylock’s tour guide, it was my job to get him into the east wing.

Confusing, I know. I dunno why he wants to see inside anyway - there’s nothing in the east wing but workshops. Then again, the king was gonna make some announcement before the goblins attacked, so maybe there's something more? And why wouldn’t Captain Cedric let me go in?

I did some snooping and I found out that that part of the castle is constantly guarded by the royal guards. I don’t have authority over them, so I didn’t even bother trying to go in. The Omega Corps don't answer to 'lil old me. I gotta admit, though, I’m pretty curious... why can’t we go into the east wing? Is the king hiding something?

I don’t understand, diary. Knowing King Jeffrey, it's probably some massive trap or secret weapon that'll get a lot of people killed. For his amusement. Jeffrey's a jerk like that.

I dunno. Maybe we’ll find out tomorrow. I’m gonna see if I can find Prince Logan wandering around. I bet he can get me in, he’s good at that sneaky stuff. Just have to look for the confused Baron searching the castle; Logan won’t be too far behind.

Also: Grylock needs to stop calling me the name of some fungus. So sorry if I smell bad, goblin! You’re not much better, ya alcoholic busybody!


Dragomir the Guard

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