Monday, September 12, 2011

Day Thirty-One: Back to the grind

It’s gonna be a gloomy week, diary. I can tell.

Eve, my precious little daughter, is in her special bassinet. I picked it up this morning from the smithy. He didn’t charge me. Hell, after what happened he said he’d do whatever he could to help me keep Eve in line. He likes babies, and he can appreciate a girl who loves fine blades.

Didn’t even charge me for the half-finished sword she stole. Woo. Makes me wonder where it went, though... and whether it's stuck in some random corpse...

Eve doesn’t mind her bassinet. She just lies there and looks around. Not terribly interested. I don’t know how I missed it before, diary, but her eyes are so... cold. Icy. Like they belong to a hardened warrior. I didn’t tell Libby what happened, but she’s already calling Eve that. Eve the Warrior. It’s as good a name as any.

Just hope she doesn’t turn out to be ‘Eve the Horrible Castle-Killing Psychopath and Perhaps Father Mauler’.

Enough about my daughter. Mongoose season is still going strong, though it’s a bit harder to shoot them because of all the rain that’s coming down, so Captain Cedric is back to constant patrolling and riding my ass. He’s got me watching the plains, ‘cause our scouts have reported increased numbers of goblin war bands prowling the area. The king’s ordered the queen’s tree to be doubly guarded, even though she can clearly take care of herself.

She doesn’t want me guarding her anymore, though, so I’m stuck watching the plains from the walls. At least I don’t have to see people getting slaughtered on the barbican again, but I’m not happy having to wear a rain coat all the time. It keeps ripping when I move around, and doesn’t keep the rain out anyway. My armour’s gonna rust in no time.

That’s all from me. I have to pull a double shift tonight. Gonna be a long, lonely night in the dark. I kinda wish goblins would attack – at least then I’d have something to look at. Ugh, and I have to attend some big meeting called by the king tomorrow... balls. Everybody’s sick, so there should be a lot of coughing and sneezing and stuff. Maybe I’ll finally catch whatever’s going around the castle.


Dragomir the Guard

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