Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day Twenty-Eight: Weapon fetishes are adorable

There was a huge boom somewhere in the castle that woke me up this morning. I dunno what it was. Nobody does. Libby blamed it on me and punched me in the face before going back to sleep. How cruel, diary, how cruel.

Nothing’s happened since then, though, so the day has been otherwise normal. It was great, in fact, ‘cause I took Eve on a big tour of the castle! Well, okay, just the main thoroughfare, since I know Captain Cedric’s patrol route by heart. He won’t be near the commoner toilets for a week. He’s too busy watching the walls, what with mongoose season and all. He says he’s looking out for trouble, but I know he just likes sniping the things with his bow. Poor mongooses.

That doesn’t sound right. Mongoosi? Maybe that’s what I should say. I’m not sure. Better ask Robert the Librarian. I haven’t had much time to talk to him lately. He keeps asking to see you, diary. Nice guy, but I’m afraid he’ll accidentally file you away with the rest of his books or something. Too anal about his filing system, that one.

Anyway. The main thoroughfare! That’s the castle's marketplace. All the traders and merchants and so forth that know to come through the secret entrance rather than getting chopped up on the Neck go there, peddling their wares. It’s a great place to browse if you’re bored, and Eve seemed to enjoy all the sights and smells.

Well. Okay. Not all. Most.

... not even most. She had her usual neutral expression when we went by the food and general item vendors. You should have seen her light up as we passed by the weapon’s shop, though! It was amazing! As soon as her eyes clapped onto a dagger, she wriggled and cooed in her weird little baby language. It was fantastic.

And, uh, hard to manage. Very hard. She’s a tough baby! Healthy. That’s good. I’m quite happy. Even if I did have to, ah, hold her bassinet to my chest. And, yeah, it felt like she wanted to dig through my rib cage as we walked away, but that’s okay! It’s okay, diary. Baby stuff. No biggie.

Libby got home from work in the evening, so I left Eve with her for a while. They didn’t seem to get on too well. I’m worried that Libby hates our baby, though I’m too afraid to ask her why. She’ll probably just hit me and not give a straight answer. Eve must get her arms from her mother.

I’m off, diary. Long day. I’m beat.

A little concerned but mostly just beaming,

Dragomir the Guard

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