Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day Fifty-Nine: Stubby stalking

I ditched the armour today, diary. I can't wear it anymore. It's too heavy. I've hidden it in the shed, so hopefully the owner doesn't find it and steal it or something. He hasn't found me after all this time, so my chances are probably good... ish.

I really needed to get to June, which meant more walking on my knees like a hobbly cripple, so I rooted around in the shed for something soft to put on my knees. Eventually I found a sack of old, spongy mushrooms, and I lined the bottom of my greaves (the only things I kept) with 'em. They've worked pretty good so far, keeping my legs from scraping on the metal, but they're getting churned up by my knees. So this is only a temporary solution.

And potentially a new way to prepare mushrooms.


Stomach still grumbling away, you tucked as deep under my cloak as I could get you, my… rat… hidden in my cloak - it still squeaks every now and then! - I set out. And when I did I realized something surprising: Philip is gone. I don't know where he is, but he's buggered off somewhere, which I guess isn't the worst thing in the world. He never provided that great of company.

... but he was still company. Even as a ghost. Hope he enjoys living in Goblinoster. (Or maybe he just doesn't like my rat, and he's waiting for me to eat it. Who knows.)

But yeah. Goblinoster. I'd seen a bit of it, but it wasn't until I spotted the big tower sticking out of the landscape in the distance that I really noticed the town. The goblins are fans of pointy architecture, which is probably to make their buildings look a bit bigger than reality. Everything is covered in sweeping, curving points, and most of the structures end in rough spires at the top. A little like onions. I don't think they'd appreciate that comparison, though.

And, like I said before, the town is laid out very badly. Nothing makes sense here. I got lost for a good hour, despite knowing roughly where I had to go, because I kept turning down the wrong streets and getting redirected away from the big castle-tower thing in the middle of town. I couldn't ask anybody for directions, 'cause I didn't wanna attract too much attention to myself. Thank the gods that most goblins walk around with their faces covered in cloaks, which means I don't stick out so much.

I've stopped in the market district for now. It's much drier here. The goblins have a ton of interweaving tarps set up over their stands to keep the rain out, with a neat drainage system that leaks the water off the tarps and into the swamp surrounding the northern half of the town. Makes sense.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the northern half of the town is surrounded by a swamp? And that parts of it actually extend into the swamp? Bad planning here, I tell you. This whole place is liable to sink some day.


Dragomir the Adventurer

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