Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day Fifty-Seven: In da shed, yo

I'm really hungry, diary. I think I might need to eat some food.

I'm still stuck in the shed on the outskirts of Goblinoster. Don't judge me as a wuss, 'cause I HAVE left, but there's nothing I can eat around here. I don't know where to find anything edible. This town isn't predictable like the castle, from what I've seen.

The constant rain makes Goblinoster tough enough to navigate. It comes down pretty hard all the time, turning the roads into a constant, muddy mess. The goblins made it even tougher, 'cause the streets beyond the main gate - and the main gate is, like, a wire fence on either sides of the road - look like they have no sense of organization. In one row of houses I saw a doctor's office, three residences, a slaughterhouse, and a junkyard. Whoever built this place must be crazy in the head.

Well, actually, duh. Of course. They're a goblin. Goblins are idiots. And crazy. Maybe it's a height thing?

I've had to stick to the side streets and the alleyways to avoid getting caught, which is real tough when you yourself have trouble seeing the people that might see you. Know what I mean? Goblins are short, and their cloaks blend 'em into the scenery. And the rain! The rain blocks out the sound of footsteps! Why these miserable little creeps would wanna live in this mess of a land, I do not know.

I don't know where to go, diary. I'm afraid to show myself and start asking questions, 'cause even though we're, like, 'officially' allies with the goblins, they did attack us. Killed some of us. Wounded a lot more. Messed up our castle pretty good. What kind of a reception can I expect? We've been killing their kind for ages. Not likely they're gonna be happy to see me, alliance or no.

Gah. I'm reeeeeeally hungry, diary. I wish I knew where to start in this seedy dump. Witches shouldn't be hard to find!

Stomach growling,

Dragomir the Adventurer

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