Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day Sixty-Four: To the swamp!

It appears that Dragomir's capture is big news in Goblinoster. I have heard many hushed conversations through the cracks in the buildings, discussing his incarceration in the tower. Humans must not come to Goblinoster very often. This gladdens my heart, as it means he is probably still alive.


I found the edge of the city earlier today, after a few more scrapes with feline ne'er-do-wells, and found it to be as advertised: a massive swamp, stretching around the edges of the city. The northern road leads onto a series of poorly-maintained boardwalks, stretched over the water, which I can navigate without difficulty…

… though the diary is another matter. It is not quite so lithe as I, and will probably fall into the mire if I try to guide it along the broken planks. This is problematic, as I doubt its frail pages will survive a dunking.

Apologies in advance, Dragomir.

I've decided to leave it in an abandoned squirrel nest in one of the trees near the entrance of the swamp. I will return for it once I've located the witch. It has served me well for company over the last few days, but… what else am I to do? It must remain.

Good luck, diary.


The Rat

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