Monday, October 24, 2011

Day Sixty-One: Under new management

This is an unfortunate turn of events.

We needed Dragomir to revive the people in the castle so they would be ready to block the coming evil. It will rise, with or without their help. We need as many of them prepared to stop the demons as possible.

Dragomir was foolish. In his dazed stupor he tried to steal an entire cooked badger from a market stall. The owner was on him in a flash, and so were the owner's neighbours. It didn't take long for the guards to show up, discover what Dragomir was and drag him away. I'm surprised he was not killed, as every goblin that enters the human castle without authorization is typically butchered.

Rats. We need him. We really do.

It's crucial that we save Dragomir. Or I save Dragomir. I suppose there is only one of me at the moment. Though you count - you are cut of the same cloth, so to speak. I'm glad I can manipulate you into moving on your own. I can hardly carry you myself.

I will have to look for help. Perhaps the witch can aid me? She knows of our kind. Perhaps she can even point out others like me with whom I can form another collective. I should have kept the one I summoned in the field together. That was a one-time deal, this far away from my kin...

Sigh. Nothing is simple with this man.


The Rat

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