Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Sixty-Six: Wandering in progress

Hi, me. Is me. You? Me. You write in self, which is me.

You know? I no know. Is confuse.

Anys! I hads a nice nap. Better place than dusty place with the yellow stuffs. Always want to cough there, is me. But there had rats, and they talks to me, and I say, 'Hi.' And that is I, and those are rats.

Hi, me.

So todays, I want find Drags. Is been long time since he comes me. So I comes to him. Is fair, yes? Drags is nice enough to find me, so nows I finds him. Ratty isn't here to help, so I go help instead. Yes? Yes.

Lonelies. I like when peoples write in me. So I write myself. Isn't same. Different.


I leave this tree today. I go into town today, and see things I already saw. I see cat, and it hits me; I see other cat, and it hits me, and it hits first cat number one. Then they run off, hitting each other, and I keep going.

Why everyone dressed all weird? Is ghosties and demon thingies everywhere. With bags! What bags? I want bags. Maybe Drags tell me what are bags.

Bags. Drags. Aaaaahaaaa, that called a rhyme.

Drags is here. I can feel him, I can, I can. Is somewhere in middle. I find Drags, then he is write in me again, yes? Yes.



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