Friday, November 18, 2011

Day Eighty: The bodies on the floor

I'm going to keep writing in you as I go, diary, because what's happening is just too weird not to document. And since I don't have a weapon, why the hell not? Can't carry anything else.

I followed the rat through the city for a while, watching it weave in and out of buildings as though it was looking for something. Pretty damn hard to keep up since it's so tiny, but every time I fell behind it'd come flying out of one building or another and chitter at me. I have a weird travelling companion, diary.

Eventually it led me so far away from the entrance to the city that, well, yeah, I don't know where I am anymore, 'cause the buildings are all tall enough to block off where I came from. I was hopelessly lost -

- and then the rat led me to the very back wall, after almost an hour of trailing its wiggly little tail, where I've found… a clean spot. Remember how I said everything else was covered in grime? Well, this spot ain't, and there's this odd light above it that seems to be keeping it completely dirt-free.

That's not the weird part. It's what's ON the spot that I find weird: a pedestal. Made out of bodies.

I didn't wanna go near it at first. Who would? Who in their right minds wants to approach POSSIBLY human corpses, probably hundreds of years old, all bent out of shape and forming a weird little table? With gems for eyes? I know I didn't. But, uh, the rat… the rat insisted.

Or. Um. The... rats... insisted. Big plural. A horde of 'em had built up behind me, and when I tried to step away from the pedestal they rushed forward and… pushed me… like a big, furry hand… at the table. It's so humiliating to be pushed around by rats, and really creepy when they sit back afterwards and stare at you…

Well, yeah. Now I'm in the light. It's warm, which is a nice change from the damp cave, but way closer to the pedestal than I care to admit.

I… I guess I have to touch it? But that's so gross. Will I get all diseased?

Wish me luck, diary. Seriously. I have NO idea what's gonna happen.


Dragomir the Uncertain

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