Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day Eighty-Eight: They grow up so fast

Ho. Ly. Crap. I was speechless today, diary. Absolutely floored.

I… I met my little baby. Eve. It's been a while since I last saw her. Didn't even get a chance to say goodbye before I left the castle. And now… today… the prince brought her to see me.

She's not a baby anymore. She's a little girl, standing on her own, with lots of messy blonde hair, kinda like mine, and fierce green eyes, just like her mom. Almost as tall as the prince.

… what the hell? Did I miss something? Since when do kids grow up so fast? I seem to recall taking, oh, THREE OR FOUR YEARS to get to this point. WHY DOESN'T ANYONE ELSE FIND THIS WEIRD?!

… after I picked my jaw up off the turrets, Prince Logan hummed and skipped away, leaving me with my daughter. She watched me the way she used to, calm, quiet, unsmiling. I couldn't even tell if she recognized me.

Eventually, deciding to take the first step, I ran forward and hugged her. I was crying.

She flipped me on my back.

I tried again. She nearly tossed me over the edge of the castle. Again, and she heaved me down into the bailey. (The pointy bits on her armour HURT, by the way. Got an edge right in my freaking forehead.)

By the time I came back up she was leaving, and I called to her. "Eve!" I cried, stretching out my battered arms, "Don't you know me? It's your papa! Dragomir!"

She turned, and fixed me with that cold glare, and she said, in a high-pitched, girl-of-her-age voice, "I am the killer of gods."

I didn't know what to say to that. I know I get dumbstruck a lot, and I'm usually at a loss for words, but that, that was a real zinger.

She turned away again, leaped down into the bailey and ran out of sight. On all fours, no less. Last I heard, she was killing a cow outside the castle walls and supping on its guts. Still voracious, I guess.

So… that was… depressing.


Dragomir the Guard

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