Friday, November 25, 2011

Day Eighty-Five: An exchange

Dragomir. Wake up.

Ow! Why'd you snap on my nose like that, diary! And… are you…?

Look. Outside the bars. And don't talk. Write in the diary. We will hear you.

Oh. A rat. How do you keep messing with my diary? It's mine! Stop it! Making me think it's alive or something. You should be ashamed.

… we do what we must, Dragomir. Just as you do what you must.

O… kay… do we have to talk like this? Can't I just

No! You must not open your mouth. Your guards can't think you're insane. You can't remain locked up here. This is important.

But it's weird! Who the hell carries on a conversation by writing down messages, one after the other? (How are you even doing this without a quill?)

We fear that you might try to escape your destiny, Dragomir, as we have watched you pacing in your cell today. You must not leave this castle.

I didn't want to, you bloody rat! And what's with all this 'we' stuff?

We are we.

What's that mean?


Don't you use an ellipsis on me!

Anyway. You must stay here, and resume your post. And in doing so, you must watch, and learn. You must not be blind to what is happening.

Well if somebody could TELL me what's happening without being so damn AMBIGUOUS, I mean I just wanna be a normal guy with a

We know! We know! And perhaps, one day, your life will be as you wish. For a while, it will quiet. You will enjoy things as they once were. But trouble is coming. Your king is getting in over his head, and there's nothing you can do to stop him.

Then why am I supposed to watch? What am I supposed to do?

Watch. Wait. Look for the one who stands ready to betray you all. Then run.

Guh? What's that mean?

Wait, where are you going? Come back! You gods-be-damned rat! Talk to me!

… I need a longer vacation.

The fuck,

Dragomir the Prisoner

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