Monday, November 28, 2011

Day Eighty-Six: Just another day

I'm back. Everything's back to normal.

No, no! Don't say otherwise, diary! It's all normal. Perfectly normal. Yes.

And I have proof! I'm back on duty! Duty's great. Boring as hell, but great. They've got me watching the toilets in the residential buildings today. Captain Cedric has already given me plenty of painful lumps, bless his soul, and the latrines smell as foul as ever. (I wish they had something more efficient for getting rid of poo. Really. Like that tent irrigationg-esque thing back in Goblinoster.

... though I guess that means feces would be tumbling along the tops of tarps. Gross. Especially if a tent pole collaps 

I'll just end that bracket right there. Home!

Very little happened on my shift today. I stood. I loafed a bit, wandering around 'n talking to people. Most everyone's happy to see me again, 'cause I'm everybody's favourite guard… even if I am bad at my job. A lot of people have thanked me for goin' out to find a cure for foulfungus, even if it wasn't needed. They're happy I came back alive.

(I guess it's not common knowledge that I, uh, caused that whole thing in the first place? Wonder if that's The Baron at work again. Such a nice guy, if it's true. Bloody well saved my life, after all.)

Once work was done - had to do a double shift - I went home and found Libby waiting. It's weird seeing her skinny again, 'cause all her fat from the pregnancy is gone. I can put my arm around her waist! Not that I would, 'cause she'd smack me, but y'know. The option's there.

Though I'm not sure if she WOULD smack me. Libby's been really nice since I got back, bringing me stuff in jail and hardly ever swearing at me, and she smiles a lot. Tons of hugs. She even said I can keep you in our cupboard, diary! That's great. It'll be so nice not having to hide you in the rat farms. Don't wanna repeat of that trip, no sir. No more ledger hiding for me.

… though I still have to be a guard. She says she'll beat me if I loaf too much. It's nice to see that some things don't change. It'd be weird if she DIDN'T hit me now and then.

Ahhh. Stretching out in bed, my wife next to me, resting… life is simple.


Wonder how my baby's doing.


Dragomir the Guard

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