Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day Seventy-Eight: Ooo, purdy

I shouldn't have bothered stopping yesterday, diary. I was RIGHT on the edge of finding some good stuff. RIGHT there.

The caves - which, I must say, had been really boring up 'til this point, aside from the traps - have all been lit by light sources I can't see. I didn't figure that there would be something shining around the corner from the pit trap thing. So big surprise, this morning, when I rounded one more bend in the cave and found a giant glowing ball!

My first thought was, of course, to turn and run. My little rat blocked the way, though, and it looked at me as though I was retarded for turning back now. The rat has served me well in the past, really glad it came along for the ride, so I timidly turned around and went to the glowing ball.

I got told by a rat. That's something I never expected to write in my diary.

It's tough to describe what I say, but I'll try. The sphere - which floats, did I mention that? - looks kinda like a big, blue fireball, with two rings rotating around the outside. It's not fire, though, and when I came near its pedestal I was surprised to find that it wasn't even warm. The rat ran past me, jumped onto the pedestal and touched the thing, so I figured it was safe. I… touched it.

Nothing happened. My fingers tingled a bit, but that was all. What a boring ethereal fireball. I don't know what that was meant to do, diary, but I'm sure the rat had a good reason. I'll be content with that.

The rat nodded, then jumped off the pedestal and ran out of the chamber. I followed its little feet and found a huge hallway that had obviously been carved by artisans. There are lots of huge columns and reliefs covered in pictures, though everything's so worn that I can't make this from that. Maybe somebody with tools could restore this stuff?

Not my place to think about it. The hallway leads into what looks like a giant indoor space filled with little buildings, kinda like models. Guess I'd better start exploring. I'm actually excited, for once!


Dragomir the Adventurer

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