Friday, November 11, 2011

Day Seventy-Five: Ruinous ruination

I was right. I'm not dead. And I found the ruins! I think! Pretty sure. They look all ruinous, so it's a good bet.

The fireflies, or whatever the hell they were, guided me through the dark for… some time, last night. I dunno how long. It seemed like a dream: everything was hazy, and wherever I stepped - and each step was illuminated by the fireflies, which was pretty cool and weird - I landed on firm ground. Not soggy at all. My rat seemed to approve, sitting on my shoulder the whole time (it usually rides in my armour), so I kept on going.

The fireflies brought me into a clearing. The rain stopped overheard, and the fireflies all whipped off to the far side, shining on, well, a ruin. A massive building that's crumbling all over the place, and covered in vines, and about as ominous as a piece of ancient-ass architecture can look. I'd say this is the spot, and the map more or less confirms it.

There's, ah, just one thing I'd been expecting: a closed door. June told me before that only a dead man can open the way to the ruins. She stressed that fact. So I was expecting, like, giant door knockers I'd have to pull on, or a big stone tablet with a puzzle I'd have to solve, or burning torches that I'd have to rearrange into the pattern of a skull, or… or… y'know, something stupid like that.

But, nope. There were doors, but they were wide open. And when I got close, crossing over a crumbling stone road, I realized that they'd been opened recently. The area around 'em was swept clean. Which, ah, means somebody's already inside.

And they're dead.

Or maybe it's another puzzle? How should I know? I'm not smart! I'm just Dragomir, the lazy guard! I don't know this crap!

All the fireflies whipped inside after a few minutes and vanished, so I lost my light source… but the doorway kinda glows. I can always find my way in, no matter where I go in the clearing. But I can't see what's inside.


I'm gonna find somewhere to bed down for the night, diary. I'm not going in until morning. What day is it today, anyway?


Dragomir the Adventurer

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