Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day Seventy-Nine: He's seen the light




Sorry. Should calm down. BUT I FOUND IT!


I was searching the giant/little model city thing for hours. I'm not sure if it IS a model, because everything looks really well lived-in and the place is absolutely huge, but most of the buildings are too dang small for me to explore. The doors are, like, up to my thigh at the highest. I feel like a giant. So I had to crawl around the streets and peer into houses, looking for what I wanted.

This place is great, I should probably add. Really neat. Though everything's covered in dust and dirt and I can't read or even look at any of the little inscriptions on the buildings, not that I'd be able to read whatever they said. Maybe I should ask Robert the Librarian to teach me some ancient languages and give me a brush to clean all this gunk off. That way, if I ever come back, I can find out more about this ancient civilization. Eee, I sound like a scholar.

… wait. Come back? Fuck that! I'm not coming back. Not unless somebody builds a huge tunnel between here and the castle. And that WOULD be pretty neat, diary, but I gotta say that

SORRY, sorry. I'm getting totally off track. Concentrate, Dragomir!

I was wandering through the streets, and eventually I came across this one huuuuuuge building with a hole in the top, and a beam of sunlight shining down on it. I guess it shoulda been more obvious considering the sun doesn't come down ANYWHERE ELSE in this place, but given the weird ghostly glow every corner of the city gives off, you can forgive me for not noticing earlier.

I noticed, when I got closer, that the building looked a little… greener than everything else. So I crawled on top of the big dome thing, careful not to collapse the top (which was easy - these buildings are surprisingly sturdy) and peeked inside. I found a huge overgrown mass of glowing green plants! They look like clovers, only, y'know, glowing and stuff.

And I thought to myself, "Dragomir, is this the stuff you've been sent to find?" And, well, duh, it must be. It must! Nothing else is green in there, diary! I did it! I found the cure to foulfungus!

… only I don't know how much of the plant I NEED. Damn that June for not telling me. But still! It won't be hard for me to take a bunch up to the surface. Piece of cake! Ain't no trap gonna stop THIS fearless adventurer!

I'm gonna get some sleep now, diary, and I'll pick the plant in the morning. Don't know how long it's good for after it's been plucked, and I don't wanna take any chances. A return trip because I screwed up is not high on my to-do list.

Crammed in the middle of a tiny intersection,

Dragomir the Adventurer

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