Monday, November 7, 2011

Day Seventy-One: Back in the saddle again

Gosh. I was away for a long time. And I messed up on my promise to write in you every day, diary! Now there are all these blank pages… that I… can't write on, for some reason… weird. It's like the page is rejecting my quill.

Still! I'm out. I'm out! I'm so damn glad I'm away from that stupid prison. You don't know how harsh it was in there, diary. So I… guess I'll tell you!

I'm still not entirely sure how I got put there in the first place. The last thing I remember from being a free man was, uh, going into the marketplace to get something to eat. Then I grabbed some random piece of food… and there was a lot of yelling, and…

Well. Next thing I know, I'm chained in this cramped little cell, watched over by three goblins. One of them's shining a torch in my eyes (I don't know why, it was kinda annoying) and asking me all these questions, half of which I couldn't understand because his accent was so thick. I think he just wanted to know why I was there, and he wouldn't accept that the whole castle was sick.

Again, don't remember much. I had a fever. For all I remember, I told the bastard I was a mighty duke from the Imperium. Or a sloth in disguise. Or something else that's improbable and stupid. The possibilities are endless when you're struck with delirium.

Eventually they left me alone in the cell, but not for long, 'cause goblins kept showing up to look at me. I felt like some kinda circus animal. It was awful, diary. You don't know what it's like having people watch your every move! I kinda envy you, 'cause you don't move at all, so eventually people will ignore you and go back to what they were doing! These ones wouldn't bugger off even IF I stayed still!

When I wasn't being watched - even King Gok came to see me a few times, I recognized him from his visit to Castle… Whatever - there was a nurse coming in and out, giving me soup to make me better. They gave me a lot of hay for bedding, so I was quite warm, and I had plenty of food. I think I got the special treatment, though I dunno why.

(The nurse kept watching me, too, diary, but it was… er… a different kind of watching. The kind that zombie princess thing kept doing. I didn't like it. She didn't try anything, though, which is good. She was as attractive as an elephant's butt.

An elephant's butt with an apron. I almost wanna draw that.)

I never did quite kick my sickness, and I still AM a bit sick. Got the sniffles. June's giving me a lot of good herbal stuff, though, which she says'll perk me right up, and her hay is a lot more comfortable than the goblin's hay. I should be good to go in another day.

I'll tell you about the big escape tomorrow, diary. I'm tired. June's nagging me to put you away. I won't argue with her, she looks like a ragged old bush that talks. Hope everyone back home's doing alright - I've been gone a really long time, now.


Dragomir the Adventurer

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