Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day Sixty-Eight: So many me

Hay! I in place with lots other mes. I try talk to them, but they say, 'Hi, I don't talk', and then don't talk. Won't even say where Drags is. So annoy!

Got found. Tried walk in, tripped. One of small green guys found. Took. Now I in place. What they call? Drags say. He take me to these places before. I saw, other books, not as cool as me.

Ah. Li-brar-ee. That it.

Always weird when a not-Drags picks me up. Not feel right. Even nice queen lady not feel right. And son? Son! He so rough. Gah. I snaps my face in his face next time. Maybe knock his nose froms his cover. That would be much fun.

Drags? Where you at, Drags?

No want get picked up again, so I try hide, like did with ratty. Is some fun, though I wish had company. Company nice, even if company make me feel weird. Like ratty. He writes 'n doesn't even open me. How do? I no no.

Drags is in a dark place. I go find dark place now. I tells you if I find Drags, kay diary? Kay.




  1. This is... too cute for words.. a diary's self-entry is getting a grown woman all choked up over here

    1. Ha ha! I'm glad you like diary. I love writing these entries. It has a few more such weeks to itself so far, and I have every intention of creating many more before the story ends.

  2. The diary's writing reminds me of the Doge meme...

    such comic
    much dargomir
    very wrtiting

    1. I can honestly say I hadn't heard of that meme when I wrote this. That said, you're totally right.