Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day Sixty-Nine: The big'uns hurt

So some big thing got me. The same big thing I saw outside. Kay, maybe not same thing, but they looks the same. You know? Like me, I looks like other mes, but I'm not them. I'm me.


I walksed into this place, bein' all sneaky and that ninja thingy, and none of the shorties with the green skin saw me. I got under a table, and I said, 'Diary, you are so cool. I wish I could be so sneaky as you.' And Diary said, 'You are, 'cause I'm you, I think.' And I was all, 'You're so right, Diary!'

It was cold there. My face was all chilly, 'n somebody kicked me when they sat down. I fell, 'n I came close to this cage thing with one of the big guys. And he picked me up! Spun me around, he did, and I went all dizzy. Very dizzy.

Then he threw me. I hit the bars, and he picked me up again. And he woulda broke my spine, but I slapped my face on that thingy he uses to pick me up, and he jumped, and I fell, and I hit my face. Ow. Then he tried to stomp me, and the shorty who kicked me yelled at the big guy, and the big guy yelled back, and I ran.

And that was how I got out of that.


I'm in some hallway thinger right now. It goes far, and it's all dark. I keep seeing shorties, but they all doin' that thing Drags does when he doesn't wanna see Libby. One has a bubble comin' out of his nose. I wanna pop it but then it might pop me, and then Drags won't be able to write in me.


Walkin'. I like this hard stuff, it's not all squishy. Which means hard. Hard!



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