Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day Sixty-Seven: Louts

Hi, diary. Is me, diary. You stills like me? Yah, I likes me too. And you! That's two. And too. Words!

Walked. Little feet are sores, but walked. Gots to find Drags. Almost fell in big goop, but didn't. It excite. Now am on wet soft stuffs again, like when ran with ratty, and it squishes feet. Again.

Don't like this place. Home was dry. Had lotsa friends. Many ratties. Now? Only catties. Don't like catties. Snap face in catty face. Take that, catty!


Keep getting looks. Like they never seen a me afore. Weird! You think, 'Hey, diary, there is many mes. Many many. Why they look so weird?' And I think, 'I no no.'

Hi. I'm diary.

Found big place with lots of horsies. Drags says they smell bad. Me? No nose. I just know. I heards him says horsies smell. I heards him.

Also, big, big, big louts with clubs. Chained to walls. Look so mean, they do. I stay far away.

Drags is here. Big building. I think I go inside now.



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