Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day One Hundred-Seven: Can't tell ya that thing I really wanna tell ya

Ack. Last night didn't go so well, diary. Not so well at all. I'm unhappy.

Turns out that my, uh, 'duties' in regards to Grylock are… not… what I'd expected. I mean, they are kinda, but… there's… well, I'm not supposed to talk about it, or even write it in you, diary. How'd The Baron even know about you? Shit, I should

Anyway. Yeah. Don't like what the king's ordered me to do, but I have to do it anyway. Er, wait

WELL YEAH, so, the festivities kicked off today, and I officially presented myself to Grylock to take him on his 'Four Days of Preparation'. He has to get into the spirit of living in the castle, which I'll admit he doesn't really DO by hiding in his room with bottles of booze all day, so The Baron ordered me to take Grylock out to work with the smithies.

I've always liked the smithies. Ever since they moved out of the east wing - and don't think for a second that I've forgotten about that hole, diary, but I have other things to do - they've been working in the bailies, hammering away all day on tons of stuff. Weapons, armour, tools, candlestick holders, chains, book ends, these weird cylindrical things that are only bought by noble women… dunno WHAT those are, diary, but I'm afraid to ask Libby, 'cause girly stuff scares me… you get the gist. They do a lot of metalwork.

Grylock wasn't very happy about having to leave his room, but when I mentioned that he'd be serving his kingdom by joining in the festivities, he agreed. He's still pretty pissed at me for getting him sick all those weeks ago, and it took him a lot longer than everyone else to get better, so I had to promise him a lot of alcohol. Good thing he's a patriot and drunkard or he probably never woulda agreed to join me.

Grylock took to smithing with unexpected skill. He's quite good with a hammer, and the smithy we were workin' with - same guy who made Eve's 'special' bassinette - admired the goblin's sense of timing. And when I asked, it turned out that Grylock was a smith's apprentice when he was young! Quite a surprise, that. We, uh, also needed a box to help Grylock reach the anvil in the first place. I think that embarrassed him. He hides embarrassment behind swear words and spitting, though, so it's hard to TELL he's embarrassed. But I could tell, 'cause, y'know, I'm sensitive like that.

Then Grylock made me take him to the Beefiary, where he got nice and drunk. I doubt he coulda smithed anything after that, box or not. Had to drag him back to his room after a couple rounds.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure how this prepares Grylock for New Years. The king didn't really describe that. I just do what I'm told, diary, and makin' Grylock work all week is the way to go. I'll find out what else he has to do each day.

Sigh. I feel really bad about all this, diary. Grylock's gonna hate me when he finds out the current name of the castle, which the king's keeping all secret 'til Friday.


Dragomir the Jerk


  1. These entries are very entertaining and well written, do you prepare them ahead of time? As for the story, do you have a planned story or do you make it up as you go along? Just wondering since you've officially made me into a fan of Dragomir.

    (Captcha of the day: " nolug ")

  2. The story is planned. I've had the overall direction in mind since I started, and at the moment I have every daily entry sketched out up until the end of March. I also typically try to have the entries written a week in advance, which means I should PROBABLY get started on next week...

    Anyway. Glad you're enjoying, along with everyone else who's too shy to comment. (I know you're out there, I've seen the stats.) Dragomir is planned to last for four years, so there's lots left to come.