Monday, December 5, 2011

Day Ninety-One: That kangaroo looks more like a werewolf

Oog. Today was not a good day for this bodyguarding business, diary. Not at all. And not because I wasn't ready - I knew it would be tougher than just standing around and watching - but because the prince is being a royal pain. You reading this, Logan? YOU'RE A PAIN. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE.

Friday had forced me into a long, almost overnight shift, and I only got back to our apartment a few minutes before the usual weekend blackout. Flopped down, fell asleep…

… and then, as though I'd only slept for about a minute, I was woken up by pounding on my door. Got up and groggily went to the door… and when I grabbed the handle, it was knocked inward by a big kick. Squashed my head flat against the wall.

What was waiting there? The prince's bloody kangaroo.

I've mentioned the kangaroo before, diary. I know I have. It stole Captain Cedric's, er, 'bits', in an unfortunate accident - though I still suspect the prince of having orchestrated the thing. Either way, the kangaroo is undeniably nasty, and when I got my first good look at the bastard it punched me in the nose. Punched by a damn kangaroo!

It had a note in its mouth, so I snagged the parchment between jabs and read. It told me to get to the sparring ranges in the barracks immediately to run laps in the prince's place. He wanted to sleep in As bodyguard, I'm beholden to take up any duty the prince doesn't want to perform.

Last thing I heard from Libby as I pulled on my breeches was "You're so good at your job these days, hon. Close the door, it's cold." Because she's a damn douche like that, and even though she was half asleep I could tell she was laughing at me.

Off I went, followed by the kangaroo, to the barracks. Eve was waiting for me.

I tried to hug her. She pointed at the rough dirt track running around the middle of the sparring area, which is bigger than I remembered (I don't jog often, that's just not my thing). I tried hugging again, and she smacked me in the nose. My own daughter! She wasn't going for the hug, so after suffering another bad head wound I stretched, took a deep breath, and ran.

… four hours and way too many laps later...

By then I was unconscious on the ground, and Prince Logan showed up with an escort of guards, no less than the Omega Corps. One of them kicked me awake and pointed to a wall, and I rolled over to the side and let the prince begin his lessons with my daughter. I don't remember much of what happened after that. Way too dehydrated for my brain to function.

Libby came to get me a while later. I couldn't move. My legs were too sore, and they still are. Thank the gods your hiding place is in my apartment now, diary. I wouldn't wanna visit the rat farms in this state. And why the hell are my arms so sore? I didn't do anything with them! What did those Omega Corps assholes do to me while I was asleep?! Must have been something, I just know it.

This bodyguard stuff's off to a bad start,

Dragomir the Rag Doll

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