Monday, December 12, 2011

Day Ninety-Six: Quandaries

I spent the weekend in the medical ward, diary. The doctors didn't seem too happy about it, but Prince Logan gave me the okay, so they couldn't say much. He even brought me my diary. Nice kid.

… and possible son-in-law. What the HELL is THAT?

I tried asking the doctors, but they wouldn't tell me anything. Just ushered me out as quick as they could. Tried asking the royal guards on the way out of the nobles' quarter, but they kept booting me along without saying anything. I asked Captain Cedric, who happened to be passing by, and he clubbed me in the head and told me I had a new assignment. I went back home to change and drop you off, diary, and I wanted to ask Libby, but she was already out in the bailey working.

I want to ask the prince. I want to wring the info out of his scrawny little neck, bless his generous soul. He proved that Eve wouldn't kill me if ordered. He's also MARRYING HER.

She's still a baby. Not even one! Not even half of one! How could she be getting married?! Don't I have a say? Is this some weird form of paedophilia? But does it count if the prince is underage, too? They're close to the same size now, and he didn't say WHEN they're getting married, but… like… isn't this a bit FAST? DON'T I HAVE A SAY?

Shit. I dunno, diary. My family life isn't going so well. You'd figure Jeffmas would be a happier time of year.

Better find out what I'm guarding this week. At least all the dumb bodyguarding stuff is over - a new assignment couldn't be any worse.


Dragomir the Guard

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