Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day One Hundred-Three: The name game

Okay, the changing clothes plan didn't work so well. Everything I brought up yesterday was frozen stiff. A few licks from Apocalyptor thawed 'em out, but… more dragon drool…

I'm really tired tonight, diary. Apocalyptor kept bugging me yesterday, so I didn't get any sleep while on guard duty. I can't blame the poor guy, since I think he's alone most of the day, but I can't keep him entertained for eight-hour stretches. They really need to let him go if he's just gonna be stuck up here, alone, forever.

What a sad thought.

Happier subject, diary! I've been thinking of a name for Apocalyptor. Like, a real name. The gift hunt is still unsuccessful, so why not try something else? Unfortunately I haven't had much headway with a name, 'cause even though I criticize Apocalyptor, I don't have any better ideas. Here are a few possibilities:

- Scaleface
- Greenie
- Mullethead (he does have a mullet, I swear!)
- Leroooooy Jeeeeeenkins (not sure why I would stretch out the vowels, but it seems… right…)
- Dragomir
- The Neckster
- George

Looking at this list, I'm amazed Eve wound up with a normal name.

Sigh. I'll keep thinking. He definitely needs a new name, even if it's only used in secret.

Getting sleepy,

Dragomir the Guard

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