Monday, December 26, 2011

Day One Hundred-Six: Laaaaazy

Guess what, diary! Today's a day of rest for dang near everybody in the castle! King Jeffrey got such a massive haul of presents from Jeffmas that he's in a really good mood, and he's said that everyone can take some time off.

… 'course most people need to keep working to make money to survive, since we earn so little, so things are kinda the same as usual in the bailies. And, uh, essential services like guards and servants and stuff are still on duty, 'cause the king needs help sorting through his massive pile of presents, not to mention protecting it from raiders.

And, uh, I guess the army is still on shifts. REDUCED shifts, true, but… they're training.

I guess you could say that I'm really the only person who gets the day off. That makes me feel pretty damn special. For once I get to lie in bed and watch LIBBY go to work, and not the other way around! Take that, wifey, you douche. (Glad she can't read. So glad.)

Though I have to admit that I don't reeeeeally get the day off. I mean, I'd normally be with the other guards, but today I've been given a special week-long task that's pissed off the captain, since it's, like, the epitome of my slacking: I have to teach Grylock, our goblin ambassador, about New Years Week in the castle. I don't know WHY I need to teach him anything, since it's just parties along with a little ceremony at the end, but there you go. I suppose this will make him a more effective ambassador.

I'm meeting with King Jeffrey and The Baron later tonight. They're gonna fill me in on what I need to do with Grylock to get him prepared for New Years' Eve. Which, yeah, is on a weekend, but we always move the eve forward or back so we're all awake to celebrate. Doesn't really matter.

Now that that's done, I'm gonna nap. Talk to you later, diary!


Dragomir the Lazy Bum - and proud!


  1. Awh man, he's just jynxing himself now!

    (On another note: " oloyar "? those captcha things are even more random on this site)

  2. I like using Captcha for naming things in my stories, depending on what I get. Oloyar wouldn't be a terrible goblin name.