Thursday, December 22, 2011




The rats have no idea where the dragon went. Apparently some dragons can shapeshift. That's really bad news, diary. It could be ANYWHERE.

Slightly better news? The RATS can shapeshift. A huge mound of 'em transformed into the dragon before my eyes while I was talking to them… more like at them… in the rat farms. Scared the crap out of me, but that's damn nifty. They're all gonna take the dragon's place while I look. Nice, nice rats.

The problem? They can't do it for longer than a day. They'll start to freeze if they're in the tower for too long. So I have to get looking RIGHT NOW. I have an idea, too - I'll take a bunch of yak tarts with me to try and tempt Apocalyptor out of hiding. He loves 'em.

I hope this works. I'm gonna look crazy, wandering around and talking to nothing while waving treats in the air…

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