Monday, January 2, 2012

Day One Hundred-Eleven: Musings

I… no, nevermind. Was just a dream, diary, and dreams can't hurt you.

At least I didn't see the bandit this time.

Cheerier topic, of a sorts: Grylock was let down from the tower today, since New Years is finished. Everybody's busy partying, despite still having to work, and letting the goblin go was at the centre of that. King Jeffrey even invited me to watch them releasing Grylock, and The Baron insisted I go.

Really wish I hadn't gone. I couldn't see Grylock's eyes behind his glasses, but he refused to look my way as he walked out of the tower. Even Barrel looked embarrassed, hiding that big snout of his out the side of the tower. Bet he wished he could transform into a butterfly and flit away.

I feel really bad, diary. I know I should be celebrating like everyone else - last I saw Libby she was having a drunken arm wrestling match with my brother, and I'm POSITIVE she beat him badly - but I feel terrible about what happened to Grylock. He's a jerk, yeah, but he didn't deserve a weekend of bare-bummed sleep. His cheeks looked damn near frozen! I saw at LEAST one icicle.

I think it was an icicle.

Yeah. I've decided it was an icicle.

I'm staying away from people today and serving my shift on the walls where I can think in peace. And, uh, keep any drunken idiots from pitching themselves into the moat. It hasn't quite frozen over since the incident with the mammoths last week, and we don't need any deaths.

I think I'll apologize to Grylock tomorrow. Yeah. That'll make me feel better.


Dragomir the Guard


  1. Wow...his wife is butch...

    (Word of the new year: ' regams ' "...uh...regams...umm...oh I know!...wait...nevermind...dammit..."

  2. Yeah, Libby's both a carpenter and the deliverywoman for the stuff she makes, which means hauling huge cabinets around the castle. She can beat Dragomir's ass any day.

  3. Well cue the Benny Hill music if he makes his wife angry XD

    (Word: 'eprelac' "I think I'm having a eprelac sieezor...*foams at mouth*")