Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day One Hundred-Seventeen: Lock blocked

The war continues, diary. Logan means business. Today he jammed all the doors in the castle.

This wasn't a big deal for most people in the residential district, 'cause most of 'em don't HAVE doors, but Libby and I were trapped in our little apartment for a good hour before she gave up on the handle and chopped our nice door down with an axe. She says she'll make a new one; I'm just as happy not to have one. I like looking out in the hall. Besides, doors are…


… nevermind. Forget doors.

The door jamming was a MUCH bigger problem for the nobles. Aristocrats in Castle StateofPanic are notoriously weak in the arms, and a lot of the lords and ladies were trapped in their rooms for most of the day. I didn't mind that so much since most nobles are giant douches, even gianter douches than Libby, though because most of 'em are in charge of the bureaucratic stuff everything's been backed up - including food shipments to the Beefiary. We're all pretty hungry right about now, and it's Logan's fault. Ugh, that kid!

Yet… yet I still can't fully blame him. He's just a kid, diary, and his dad did a pretty terrible thing. And as far as we know, he's been doing it for a long time! Kings can do whatever they want, yeah, but is taking another woman to bed behind the back of the queen included…? I'm really not sure.

(And this all reminds me of that zombie daughter tribal princess who kept trying to grab at my… bits… when I was headed to Goblinoster, so I'd best stop thinking 'bout all this. Gross memories, diary. You know, you were there.)

Logan's managing to paint his heart-and-dagger insignia on people's foreheads and hats without getting caught, now, so the searches have been tripled. The kind is murderous about having the searches continue until the wrongdoer is caught. What will he do when he finds out it's his own son? He's had a lot of tolerance for Logan's shenanigans in the past, but the more days that go by... I don't fancy Logan's chances.

Especially now that the king has loosed Eve on his son's tail. I don't think she'll care if she's killing her husband-to-be or not.

I wonder what Logan's mom has to say about all this?

Well, forget that for now, diary. Logan managed to let a flock of winter foxes in through the Neck, and now they're running rampant in the castle. I'm part of the clean-up crew. Gonna be... lots of fun...

No sleep tonight for poor me,

Dragomir the Exhausted


  1. For the younger readers: today's comic is based on a moment from The Shining, like so:


    In other words, no, Libby has not suddenly become hideously ugly. I just couldn't resist the break-the-door-down reference.

  2. Awesome reference! Made me wonder about the pic before I read the article though XD