Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day One Hundred-Twelve: Pain on the horizon

Well. Today was… weird.

Which brings up an important topic, diary: when do I ever have a NORMAL day? When will I ever get to sit down with you and write 'I stood by the wall. Some people talked to me. I had some dinner. I came home. I am now writing in you, and in a few minutes I'll go to bed.' When will that happen, diary? Why must my days always be peppered with beatings and plots and migrations of unlikely animals through the region? Why do I write about GHOSTS more often than good meals?

At least life isn't boring.

I went to talk to Grylock between my shifts. As I'd expected, he wouldn't have anything to do with me. I did NOT expect, however, that he would drain a bottle of alcohol under his door and set it on fire. I'd been prepared for more pee. I guess he's getting creative, and I'm glad alcohol doesn't burn too hot. (I'll need some new pants, though.)

So that was the end of the apology, and I figured that was the end of my association with Grylock. But then night came.

I was on the wall, shivering my butt off - I swear the captain stuck me up here on purpose 'cause he's jealous of my popularity with the king, and I say he needs a damn SHAVE - when somebody poked me from behind. Nearly fell right over the wall, I did.

When I recovered myself, Grylock was standing there. And I was, again, fully prepared to receive a stream of urine, possibly in my face.

But he didn't unzip! Instead, Grylock just nudged me out of the way and looked over the wall, surprisingly calm. I couldn't say anything, 'cause my tongue was tied, though a thousand apologies were riding on the tip of my tongue.

(Damn. Said 'tongue' twice. Robert the Librarian's been encouraging me to get fancy with my writing. Is it working, diary? Am I am good writer yet?)

After a minute, Grylock said "Revenge."

"Huh?" I replied, 'cause what else was I supposed to say?

"Revenge," he said again. "I want it. You'll help me get it. Do that and we're even."

I knew what Grylock meant right away, though I tried to act dumb. "Uh… dunno what you mean."

He jabbed me in the stomach with a shovel resting against the wall. "Don't play stupid. I know your king set me up. I want to get back at him. Help me do that, and I won't stab you in your sleep for getting me drunk."

I could have pointed out that Grylock was quite capable of getting HIMSELF drunk, though it seemed safer to keep my mouth shut.

"Come to my quarters tomorrow. After dinner. We'll discuss plans with my associate." And off he went.

Questions, diary, questions. What is Grylock planning? Will it get us killed? Who's his associate? And going back to last week, what's his secret mission? Does it have anything to do with the hole? Most important, am I gonna get beaten black and blue for all this?



Dragomir the Guard


  1. Awesome update, but I just saw something funny myself. I ran into a player on the game APB:Reloaded whose character name was Dragomir, but I didn't get a screenshot due to ramming straight into a wall with my virtual car while distracted trying to get a screenshot XD

    (Word: 'egalistl' "I am too badass to egg a house, I Eg'a'list...'l...")

  2. A shame. I could have drawn a little Dragomir head poking out of his car. Oh well, next time, yeah?

    I get a lot of hits from Russian sites because I chose Dragomir as the character name. It was an unexpected boon, lemme tell you... not that the visitors usually stick around, but...

  3. Which is especially weird since Dragomir is a Slavic name, I think...?

  4. only read this thing for a day now but i think its amazing