Friday, January 27, 2012

Day One-Thirty: No coma can stop this man

Well! That was a most unexpected honour. I didn't even know Dragomir was on a first-name basis with Prince Logan, let alone the queen! He's become quite a notable young man, despite his position as worst guard in the castle. Though I suppose that in and of itself is worthy of notoriety…

(But... WAS that the prince's writing? He appears to be a polarized child. So elegant, and yet so crude! The tint of aristocracy is obvious enough, but... the constant use of capitalization? Perhaps he has a friend who peers over his shoulder that he refuses to reveal. Yes, that must be it.)

Enough about that. You will be very happy to learn, diary, that Dragomir has awoken! Yes, if Libby is to be believed he opened his eyes in time for work this morning. He was still wonderfully drowsy, however, so his darling wife forced him to remain bedridden for the remainder of the day. Excellent news!

And it gets better. Dragomir may be awake, and the powers that be may expect him to work again, but I have secured a most lucrative position for the boy that will help him recover: my assistant! There is no environment in the castle more conducive to recovery than this library, as it's seldom visited during the day and remains deathly quiet. If Dragomir tires I will happily allow him to rest, and by the end of next week he should be fit to resume his duties as a guard.

The price for this transfer, you ask? Well, allow me to tell you a little secret, diary: Dragomir's captain is also an avid writer. He may even be better than his subordinate! I know, it's ridiculous to think that a burly, gruff fellow like Captain Cedric sits down at his desk with a quill and a heart full of passion (ALL writers are passionate), but inspiration comes in all sizes - and it comes to all types. So I gave the captain a book, one he's been taking out of the library for ages, and in exchange he grudgingly agreed to transfer Dragomir for the week.

(Don't ask what the captain writes, however. Like Dragomir, he's very tight-lipped about his craft. Even violent! At least Dragomir's denials are friendly.)

I wonder if this revelation will allow Dragomir to see his captain in a different light. Time will tell!

At any rate, I must get back to work. This library won't sort itself - and I want it to look as good as possible when my new assistant shows up on Monday. Farewell until then, diary! I thoroughly enjoyed our time together!


Robert the Librarian


  1. Do I smell blackmail? XD just kidding, I don't think Dragomir would blackmail his Captain with this new-founded information...or would he?

  2. I really have loved the guest entries. Although I am definitely glad Dragomir is awake. You did a great job capturing each of the different personalities. :)

  3. Yeeeeah, I'll admit that half my reason for putting Dragomir in a coma was to get away from him narrating for a little while. He's fun to write, but I needed a break.

    Back to him now, though. Writing the whole series in, say, Libby's stunted language would drive me crazy after a while.