Monday, January 30, 2012

Day One-Thirty-One: So woozy

Hi, diary.

I didn't get promoted. All of my spikes are at the bottom of the moat. Or frozen into the moat, or… whatever. Apparently King Jeffrey likes the idea of a collapsing moat so much that he's just gonna leave it as-is. Spikes will keep people away, or something, and he wants to see 'em frozen into the water whenever he looks over the battlements.

No promotion.

I more or less remember what happened, at least. I was finishing a couple more spikes to impress the king when I felt the ground rumbling. Then there was this huge BOOM that shook the entire castle, and, well, that was the end of the ice. Disintegrated under me.

I should probably investigate that boom. Yeah. T'ain't the first time.

Then came the moat monsters. I'm not too keen on remembering them. Thank the gods they only nibbled me once or twice - my last mental picture was one of that stupid underwater spider, and it looked ready to chomp me down, no questions asked.

But I was saved, and here I am, with at least a small reward for spending a week in a cold-induced coma: I get to work in the library. There's no guard there normally since nobody wants to steal books, so I've never had a posting there before. I'm actually a little excited. Can't believe Robert managed to swing this for me - or that Captain Cedric's a writer! Wonders never cease.

The library's such a neat space, diary. There're old, musty books and scrolls jammed into every corner, windows and candles light the reading tables, and it's two levels tall! Not many rooms can claim that. Don't know why it's usually empty - it's like the nobles don't GET how neat it is to have a library.

Robert the Librarian started me off slowly today, since my limbs are still stiff as hell. All I had to do was sweep. Good thing he didn't expect much, 'cause my hands didn't want to cooperate at all and I kept dozing off, chin propped on my broom. Tomorrow I'll start sorting books, and THAT should be interesting, so I hope I'm less groggy.

I guess I'll end today by thanking everyone who wrote in my diary. I didn't think about much in my stupid coma, but if I had, I'm sure I woulda been all sad that I couldn't fill those empty days. Seeing five entries by friends was a nicer birthday present than I coulda ever asked for - and it's not even my birthday yet!

It's lovely to have pals,

Dragomir the Librarian


  1. I'm glad to see him up and about. Too bad no one knew anything about letting a man rest awhile back then.

  2. Dragomir seems to be suffering a -5 to speed and taking a action penalty with his -8 to movement...BRING IN THE D&D BOOKS! (Just kidding, that's getting a little too nerdy...or is it?...hmmm...nope nevermind).

    1. Given that my leg is currently resting on a 3.5 Monster Manual, no, it's not too nerdy. (Though it gets far more use as a makeshift footstool than a gaming supplement these days.)

    2. I got my 4th Edition Manual in PDF format...gotta love livin in the future! (Related Song insertion: )

      Anywho, I liked todays comic and I must admit that I thought the Librarian looked hilariously adorable slapping Dragomir in the face.