Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day One-Thirty-Two: Dowdy, with a chance of rage

I guess I shoulda expected as much, diary, but working in the library isn't as fun as I woulda figured. And, uh, it's… kinda… Robert's fault…

Don't get me wrong. Robert's one of my favourite men in the whole world. He put you together for me, diary, and besides that he's given me a ton of guidance and shown me kindness where most castle officials just spit in my face. I'm not gay, but if I were… well, actually Robert's kinda ugly so I probably wouldn't shack up with him, but I would CONSIDER it.

But… he's such an asshole when he's your boss.

Robert's an odd bird in that I've never actually seen him outside his library. I think I know why, too - he doesn't leave. EVER. After only two days at work it's clear that he doesn't set foot outside the place, 'cause his sleeping pallet's shoved in the back and he gets food delivered three times a day.

But that's not why he's an asshole. It's 'cause he can't stand a book that's not sorted.

Robert's got this system set up that has every book marked with a series of numbers. Follow the numbers and you can tell where a book is supposed to go. Problem is, Robert also seems to have ANOTHER system of placement that changes the order of the books, to the point that knowing your numbers means squat. (I'm not so good with my numbers anyway so that doesn't matter.)

Oh, and he knows where all the books are supposed to go anyway. So he doesn't even look at the numbers! The hell's the point?

But that's not why he's an asshole. No, Robert is an ASSHOLE because he throws a little temper tantrum if I so much as look at the wrong spot for a book when I'm sorting. Like, for example, the first time I tried to shove a book in a spot (which was, of course, the wrong spot), he inched up so close to my face that I thought he was going to suck my soul out through my nose. And then he said:

"An orderly space is a happy space and the space isn't happy if it's out of order so you'd best get it right Dragomir, you'd best get it right! I want to see my space smiling!"

Which is just a freaky thing to say on its own. And then I tried to put the book in the spot I'd picked anyway, and he hit me. (Luckily, Robert's an old dude and about as strong as an irate snail.)

But yeah. After eight hours of getting told off for putting things in the wrong spots, I happily went home. I was really tired of that asshole - especially after he claimed that I "must hate the very concept of libraries, and therefore, must be an enemy of the state." What a dick! I don't even wanna go back tomorrow!

I will, of course. I owe Robert, and I'm still not strong enough to handle guard duty. But… gods, diary. Asshole.


Dragomir the Crappy Librarian


  1. Ah! But Dragomir-San, you must do as Mr. Miya...err...Robert says! Only by walking the path of the side stepping duck can one ever hope to achieve the patience of the blind rabbit! (I would've made a terrible writer for the second Karate Kid film)

  2. just wait until next time robert the librarian reads this diary