Friday, January 20, 2012

Day One-Twenty-Five: Change in management


This is Robert, Dragomir's brother. The cook? I see he mentions the Beefiary in here a lot… that's nice.

Sorry, I'm not good at writing. I only learned to read and write so I could read recipes.

Uh, Dragomir had an accident on the moat. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but there was this big boom, and the ice gave out under him. One of the guards fished him out. The whole moat is slush, though it will probably freeze over again in a few days.

Dragomir's okay. He got bit by moat monsters a few times, but he's okay. He's resting in bed for the day.

The doctors say he's in "a state of advanced hebetude." I don't know what that means at all. It sounds bad. I'm a cook, not a doctor. Maybe I should

Okay, I went and asked for a word that makes more sense. He's in a coma. That's bad. But at least it's English.

Libby said I have to write in the diary today, because Dragomir can't miss a day. She says I have to do it next week, too.

I don't know what to write about. How does he do this every day?

That's enough words.


Robert the Cook


  1. I expect a lot of horrible things to happen when dragomir became convinced he would get promoted.

    The ice exploding and dragomir falling into a coma was NOT one of those.

  2. ORIGINALLY he was just gonna spend some time bedridden.

    But then when I wrote that I couldn't help but say 'Nah, to hell with it', and I tossed in a coma.

    I'm nothing if not generous.

  3. For the record, I don't think a coma really counts as a vacation. Maybe if he has some pleasant fever dreams or something.

    (Gesca! "Did you know... the french call escargot in cream sauce with garlic Gesca?" "...You made that up." "Yeah. But it sounds right, doesn't it?")

  4. Well at least he finally gets to have a vacation where he gets to do nothing but lay around in bed XD

    (Word: 'ingstur' "I'm not sure...but I think that Goblin cursed at me...sounded like he yelled 'Ingstur'...")

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