Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day One-Twenty-Nine: Prepare for trouble, and make it double




Though I suppose I should stop with my normal, bourgeois writing. It's hardly becoming of a prince. The Baron needles me incessantly about the need to 'communicate with the masses', and my impenetrable scribblings are less about communication and more irritating my tutors.


Ahem. Dragomir's wife seemed at odds over who would take the fourth day, so I volunteered. Without asking. I don't ask permission, I'm the prince - when I decide to do somebody a favour, I simply do it. Asking is for peasants. I know better, so why delude others into thinking they're somehow superior? It simply won't do.

All that said I have become rather fond of the owner of this book, even if he is a lowly guard. He has a naïve charm about him that calls out for friendship. How could I not provide assistance in a time of need?


He will be a father to me, and I, a son to him. I appreciate his efforts to better the castle, and I further appreciate the, ah, 'services' he has rendered to me in the past - primarily vis-a-vis ending the unpleasantness between my father and myself. I regret what happened, and I'm glad I now know more of my father than I did before.

Though he looks marvellous with an asscrack running down the middle of his head.

Given that I've read much more of this diary than anyone else, I know how it goes. I spent my day:

- Enduring The Baron's dull lessons
- Fleeing from The Baron - quite ineffectually, as well; he seems to have a natural radar for my location, which is no surprise given that he's been chasing me around the castle for two years
- Playing tricks on The Baron (I DUMPED MAYO IN HIS BREECHES)
- Siccing my kangaroo on The Baron
- And, after tiring of the old man, charging him with treason and locking up in the dungeon - I do this all the time, so you'd think he wouldn't mind, but he still gave me his usual "You think you can win but I'll outlast you and turn you into a gentleman, young man, my resolve has never been stronger" speech as I locked the cell door

And now I'm outside with my mother, writing in this diary, and I see that she's sending a guard to free The Baron. Fiddlesticks, I shouldn't have written that.

Hello, Dragomir! This is Queen Daena. I'm sorry for all the trouble my son has caused you. I never did thank you for telling me the truth about what he did to his father, so… thank you!

I would add something about my day to round out the entry, but it's usually the same each time: I wake up, I greet my guard for the week, I read a few books, I bundle up when the snow blows in and I ravage any animals that come close with my legs. I've killed more curious rabbits that way. Sorry, little bunnies, but I can't help my kicking!

Quite long enough for one entry. My son will return the diary now. Get well soon, Dragomir! Even though Logan speaks like his pompous prig of a father, I know he's worried about you - I can see it in his eyes!




  1. Trolololo Prince Logan...Trolololo indeed

  2. NOTE TO READERS, until I insert a news box: The site is gonna be wonky today 'cause I'm redesigning things. Be warned. (I'll try not to screw it up too much.)

    Another note, just as a point of interest: King Jeffrey, Queen Daena and Prince Logan are all named after family members, namely my brother Geoff, his wife Dana and their son Logan (who's only a year old, and thus bears no resemblance whatsoever to the prince). Since I'm pretty sure they don't read Dragomir's Diary, I doubt they've ever noticed, and I kinda wanna see how long it takes before they do. I'm sure my brother will be so happy to see that his namesake is a rampant asshole. Huzzah!

  3. Daena is probably going to tell the Baron that Logan cares about him. I'm sure the man needs a win every now and then.

  4. Gotta say that SOMEDAY when the comic/diary is finally finished, it would make a awesome book (In diary form!)

  5. Sadly, I don't think one book would be big enough to fit everything I have planned, and it would be HELLA expensive to print. I would, however, like to create a series of smaller books once the fanbase gets off the ground a little more substantially - holding a physical copy of Dragomir's Diary would make my day.