Monday, February 13, 2012

Day One-Forty-One: Dragomir's dire plan

I'm nervous, diary. Downright petrified. But determined, I am.

I've decided to stick all that stuff about the kangaroo on the back burner for now. What can I do with what I know? Ask the thing? It'll beat the crap out of me. Besides, I'll look like a right twit interrogating a kangaroo.

(To be honest, I have my doubts that it IS a kangaroo. I get the feeling everybody's just been calling it a kangaroo 'cause it hops around and stuff. The queen was right, it does look like a boxer.)

And there's other stuff going on right now that I'll try to ignore, as well. Mainly the big kerfuffle about creating a fortress outside the castle. Yeah, Driscol went ahead with proposing that in the king's court. I didn't hear much about it, but apparently The Baron's in a right tizzy over the proposal. We'll see what happens.

These things don't terrify me. No, what terrifies me is my PERSONAL decision: I'm going to sneak into Captain Cedric's quarters.

You probably don't quite understand, diary, what it's like to KNOW that there's another writer nearby, somebody who sweats and toils over his craft as much as you. I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HE WRITES. And if the captain won't tell me, I…. I guess I have to find out on my own.

But he'll murder me if he finds me in his quarters. I will die a thousand times, and if I'm lucky he won't kill me ANOTHER thousand times.

But fear is the mind-killer, and I refuse to give in to fear. (Seriously, AM I quoting somebody when I say that? I swear I am.) I have to know. And I guess I'm willing to put my job on the line to find out, because some things are more important than earning a wage.

Or keeping your body intact.

Or… well, this is freaking me out so I'd better stop.

I don't know how the hell I'm gonna sneak in, though, so I'll spend the week watching Captain Cedric and learn his habits. Then maybe I can figure out a way to get past his freaking dog…

More on that later, diary, I have to take a night shift this week. Try to stay away from Libby - I caught her trying to read you yesterday, and I swear she understood a few words. (Has she been hanging out with Robert the Librarian, or something?) If she finds out how many times I've called her a douche, she'll kill me.


Dragomir the Snoop


  1. At least he has the fact that he has been calling her Libby and not Libertine on his side. Maybe the queen is helping her to read.
    I'm excited to her about Cedric's house I for some reason imagine it being like a gingerbread house with a guard dog. :)

    1. excited to hear* about Cedric's house. Sorry typo was going to keep me up at night.

  2. I can see Dragomir goin all Solid Snake and covering himself in tree branches, or mud and trying to blend in with the enviroment while sneaking.

  3. lol, the old buttons are still up on this page...