Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day One-Forty-Seven: All the news that's fit to spew

You know, in all the excitement and poetry and stuff, I forgot about the vote over whether Queen Daena should have a fortress or not. That's coming up on Friday, and I'm eligible to participate! I'm a guy! I've never voted before, diary. Kings don't usually encourage commoners to vote.

Not everybody's happy about the vote, of course. The dudes of the castle are all cheery as hell, 'cause they get to have some fun, but the women are pissed, 'cause they figure they should have the same rights as the guys. I'm all for that, diary, though unfortunately the king's the one who has the final say. (I won't argue, either, 'cause he could restrict it to nobles only or something if anybody bitches, and if somebody does, it WON'T be ME.)

Oh, and Eve gets a vote, on account of her being Lord Knight. I guess even the king won't deny her the right. Truth be told, I doubt she gives a toss whether there's a fortress outside the castle or not, but I don't blame the higher-ups for taking precautions - you don't tell Eve 'no' and expect a favourable reply. (She hasn't moved out of her 'killy' phase, as I like to call it.)

Anyway. Enough about the vote. There are two other things about today that I'd like to share.

First, I went to visit Robert in the Beefiary. He was on duty, so he couldn't much talk to me - and I must say, the yak tarts he slapped on my plate were preeeeeetty sad lookin' - but he DID tell me that the surprise for my birthday is showing up THIS Friday, not next week. Awesome! Early birthday surprise! Things are lookin' thumbs up for Dragomir so far.

Especially since I didn't get caught in Captain Cedric's quarters last week. Which brings us to the other point!

The captain's been damn grumpy since his dog Percy redecorated Cedric's room with the contents of his chamber pot, even more so than usual, and we guards have taken to following the rules as much as possible so avoid his wrath. Even Bernard is white-lipped about Cedric, which is unusual, given that he's usually an obedient little lackey.

Well, after I was done talking to Robert I spotted Captain Cedric in the Beefiary, sitting by himself and staring at the wall. He looked as grumpy as ever, and I thought back to what Libby said the other day: he's probably lonely. Doesn't surprise me a bit, 'cause when he's not on official business, Captain Cedric spends time with NOBODY 'cept his dog, and Percy doesn't count.

I've learned that assuming something is true doesn't mean it actually IS true, though (like Robert drugging the dog when he actually just got it drunk), so this time I'm gonna try and take a slightly longer route to getting to know Cedric. I mean, he writes LOVE poetry, so how bad could he really be?

And getting in his good books can't be bad for my career, so….I mean, I'm labelled as the worst guard in the castle and I regularly get terrible assignments, so… I can only go UP, right?

Not today. Didn't have the nerve today. Tomorrow, though, maybe I can… yeah, maybe I can ask the captain out to dinner? That MIGHT work, he does like to eat…


Dragomir the… I'm not sure what I am right now, actually

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