Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day One-Forty-Two: Follow the leader

Spent today tailing Captain Cedric, diary. Good lords above, that guy gets around a LOT in one day. He actually works! I'm a little impressed!

I figured (rightly) that the easiest way to keep out of trouble was to stay on his tail, and I was right. He didn't once see me, 'cause he's always looking AHEAD, and never behind. Should've thought of that ages ago - I coulda been goofing off behind his back ever since I got hired. Maybe I can attach a rope and a sled to him and just slide along in his wake while he's patrolling or working or whatever. He'd never catch on.

From what I can tell, the captain's routine is pretty much this:

- Gets up at 5
- Feeds his dog
- Takes his dog for a walk
- Has breakfast
- Patrols the outer walls
- Checks the guards on the barbican and the walls to make sure they're not sleeping
- Patrols the bailies
- Patrols the nobles' quarter
- Has a quick lunch
- Feeds his dog again
- Patrols the bailies again
- Checks on his guards all around the castle - he runs at a sprint, so it was damn hard pressed to keep up, let alone get back to where I was SUPPOSED to be… guy's a machine
- Checks on his guards AGAIN, because he's… well, he's an efficient dickhead, is what he is
- Does some paperwork back in his quarters - couldn't get a good look inside, 'cause I didn't want to annoy his dog
- Delivers the paperwork to the nobles' quarter and gets chewed out by his bosses - that was fun to watch
- More or less repeats everything he did earlier
- Has a late dinner - I noticed that he got tipsy pretty quick
- Visits the library after work
- Checks on his overnight guards one last time, this time while taking his dog for another walk
- Goes to bed

In short, his life is one big round of WORK, WORK, WORK. Just following him was the most productive shift I've ever had working at this castle. Didn't get to goof off ONCE, which, I must say, is a damn boring day. (Originally I'd planned on chatting with the seamstresses while they made dresses in the bailey. They're nice ladies.)

I'll have to follow him again tomorrow to make sure he does the same thing… and then again on Wednesday, just to be sure.

Maybe Thursday, as well.

Man, what the hell am I gonna do about his dog? Even if Cedric's gone, it'll eat me. It spends most of its day sleeping in front of the entrance to his chamber. He doesn't even need a proper door to keep people out. Gotta figure out a way to get past the pooch…


Dragomir the Snoop


  1. Stealth-O'Mir! Oh how smooth he managed to pull this off without getting caught!

    1. O'Mir makes him sound so Irish. I might have trouble not hearing him talk with an accent in my head. (Though to be fair I've given the majority of the cast English accents as it is.)