Friday, March 16, 2012

Day One-Sixty-Five: Kangaroo come home

Okay. I think we have an answer. Just a slight answer, and it's more a possibility than an answer, but it might work. Assuming we can find someone: the kangaroo.


Possible naked green woman.

I don't know, diary! I really don't. I'm so used to thinking of the kangaroo AS a kangaroo, let alone as a male, that I'm hard pressed to change my perspective. But there you are, either way - we need the bugger, according to the rats, and without him/her/it we're probably screwed.

I continued my recon today, but that didn't prove useful at all, and I liberally sprinkled my breeches every time we came in spitting distance of a werewolf. They're getting more active and ill-tempered during the days, and I'm wondering if even Barrel's presence and whatever's wrong with my meat will stop 'em from tearing me apart when they get bad enough.

(Seriously, what is it about me they don't like? Do I taste that bad? I eat well, y'know. It's kinda insulting.)

After I got back from the last scouting run, I found one of the rats waiting for me. I'm not sure where they've been the last few days, but I guess they have to be more skittish with several hundred werewolves roaming about the castle. Anyway, this one motioned to you, diary, and I opened up to the last page to watch its message embed itself slowly in the parchment:

"Dragomir, you need to find the original werewolf, the one that started this whole mess. We long observed the creature, wondering if something of this manner might happen, but we never acted because it showed amazing restraint. Your captain aside, it never bit anyone in the castle, restricting its attacks to punches and kicks. We believe this hints at enormous willpower."

I'm not sure I agree. I just figured the werewolf was more of a biff-boom-pow sorta guy/gal than an om nom nomer.

"The nature of lycanthropy demands that we find a repository to contain the disease until it can be cured once and for all. We believe this individual, whomever it may be, can act as that repository. It is vital that you track her down for us and find a way to contain the disease inside her body once again.

Also, we have no idea where she is, so don't ask. We're having enough trouble keeping the werewolves out of our domains.

The Rats"

That last thing makes me think that the rats don't find all of this to be as terrible as they let on. Otherwise they'd be more inclined to help me search. Little ingrates.

So… that's where we stand now. I have to find the kangaroo, which isn't a kangaroo, and is probably a he, somewhere in this castle full of crazed werewolves. But I can't now, because it's getting late and the werewolves are waaaaaay too active.

Yeesh. Gonna be a long week starting on Monday. I'd like to think that I could get everything solved ON Monday, but… y'know… all the important stuff happens on Fridays… so expect a week of living on the edge, diary… sigh.

I'm so cold in this tower,

Dragomir the Once-Again Saviour… hey, maybe I can leverage this into a promotion? No, no, when has that EVER worked in the past...


  1. Things are getting interesting indeed!

  2. I'm not sure how to respond to the poll.

    On the one hand, Canada is probably in North America.

    On the other hand, we ARE one of those two big icy things.

    1. Given the current weather where I live in Canada, I wouldn't lean so much to the icy part. Was shorts weather today. Depends where you live here, though, I s'ppose.

    2. Yeah, it's not really that cold here either. I just hope the summer isn't as hot as the last one, the heat is one thing, but it tends to bring about this unbreathable smog.