Monday, March 19, 2012

Day One-Sixty-Six: The entry where not much happens

Ohhhh man, the castle's a mess. A damned bloody mess. And, sadly, some of it IS blood.

I don't know what happened during the weekend's big blackout - I can't imagine werewolves roam about any more than the rest of us - but when I peeked out of the tower's big hole (after de-thawing, of course - my legs felt like they'd fallen clear off), I was amazed by just how much the werewolves have mucked with things.

Most of the castle's non-stone goods have been destroyed. The marketplace is a complete write-off, and the workshops in the bailies aren't lookin' much better. There must be thousands of gold worth of products laying in pieces, and if that's not a recipe for fiscal disaster, I don't know what is.

Uh. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much about finances. But when/if we get out of this mess, we need to get back on our collective feet, right? So all this stuff is important.

I think the big problem for me, though, is the territoriality of the werewolves. I've been watching 'em from the walls, shuttled around in Barrel's claws, and I've noticed that they're splitting up into larger packs led by, uh, leaders. I know there's a word for it…

Alpha. They're called alphas.

Gods! Don't do that, you bloody rat. As you can tell, diary, the rodents have come calling again. Whaddya want this time, you filthy little pest?

Your insults are not welcome, Dragomir. We are trying to help you.

Well bugger you! Fat lot of good you've done me in the past, tricking me into visiting some damned swamp and nearly gettin' killed by some cosmic hand thing! I know you were behind that, you little

DRAGOMIR. PAY ATTENTION. As we told you last week, you need to focus on finding the original werewolf. Have you done that?


We can tell by your expression that you haven't. This is crucial, Dragomir. If you don't hurry and find the original werewolf host, the infected people will begin splitting into highly concentrated and vicious clans. They'll fight for territory, and do so to the death. At best a quarter of the werewolves will survive these battles, and at worst…

I get the picture. Whaddya want me to do, though? I dunno where the kangaroo could be. Hell, for all I know she hightailed it outta here after those royal guards carted her away. Or they have her locked up somewhere.

We doubt they would bother, given the outbreak. There's no point.

Why do you say that? They love lockin' people up.

Trust us. The royal guards will have set her free.

Well, shit. Then where could the kangaroo be? I mean, it's not like the damn thing had any regular patterns, sooooooooohhhhhhhh wait, I have an idea.


OH. That does make perfect sense.

Sorry, diary. You probably don't even know who's talking anymore. Gotta go - we need to plan. All… several dozen of us.


Dragomir the Guard


  1. First of all: Interesting shade of green for today's picture.

    Second of all: I have a SLIGHT idea of what Dragomir might have planned...SLIGHT...though of course he does often come up with the exact opposite of what everyone initially thinks...hmmmm

    1. Blast, didn't think that would show through. The, uh, green's actually from the original .gif file screwing up. I had to take a screenshot of the preview file to get it up this morning. (If you look closely you can see the edges of the screenshot. Doi.) Will fix the colour at some point.