Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day One-Sixty-Two: The best day ever

I'm so tired now, diary.

SO tired.

Okay. In retrospect, I should not have waited until today to go looking for Captain Cedric. What can I say, I really like my bed!

And I really, REALLY liked it when Libby came charging in, after work, and tackled me!

And I really, REALLY, reeeeeeeeeally liked it when she KEPT doing it!

We did things. Things I think adults regularly do. Things involving… things. You know. Things.


SUBTLE! Yes, very subtle. But Libby was more passionate than ever last night, gods only knows why, and I couldn't hold her back. So I didn't go looking for Captain Cedric like the rats said, because I was occupied in a way that I'm not even gonna share with you, diary. It was just that special, and not special in the way Libby's pies are special, because that’s a bad kind of special. This was good.


Anyway. On to other topics.

I found out, real quick, that Captain Cedric isn't missing. People have been seeing him all over the place - he's just a lot hairier and much more aggressive. Aggressive as in he's biting a lot. And biting… everyone. Damn near everyone, at least, and given what the rats told me that's worth some concern, don't you think? I sure do.

So there are a lot of people walking around today with bandages. And they're really snippy, to put it lightly. Take, for example, this little exchange I had with Robert earlier:

Me: "Hey, bro, can I have some yak tarts?"

Robert: "Snarl."

Me: "Is that a yes or a no?"

Robert: "Snarl!"

Me: "You need a haircut."

And he threw a pan at me. It's the little stuff, diary. And given how people seem to be getting rowdier and hairier as the day goes on, I fear for the future. But what am I supposed to do? Will finding Captain Cedric even matter anymore? I doubt it.

I'm waiting for Libby in our apartment. Yeah, I know, she's probably turning into a werewolf too, and the happy moments we had yesterday… and this morning… and once this afternoon… are proooooooobably from being wolfish, but why not take advantage of the situation while she's not biting me?

Not biting me hard?

It's playful nipping!

I have some teeth marks on my arm. And bruising. She doesn't break the skin? It's still lots of fun! How did I never know about this adult thing before?


Dragomir the Expectant


  1. Immune to lycanthropy? Perfect excuse to sleep with one! I hear werewolves are animals beneath the sheets.

    And anywhere else they might be, for that matter.

    Poor, naive Dragomir. Corrupted at last by the better things in life.

  2. Only problem I can forsee with this development...hair in the bed...UGH! Dog (or wolf) hair gets EVERYWHERE! and gets stuck in nearly EVERY fabric!

    Actually...the other problem I could forsee...another kid...maaaaybe not as badass as Eve...but might get the occassional flea and the urge to chase royal messengers.

    1. Human hair does too, I am a hairy guy and my hair gets everywhere, in ridiculous quantities.