Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day One-Eighty-Two: Respect your local buckethead

Same, same, SAME! Driscol's a douche, I haven't learned anything, and my feet are sore. This spying business is getting us nowhere, diary, damned near nowhere!

And when I ask The Baron whether it's worth it all the effort or not? He says it is. He tells me that spying is an art of patience, something that needs to be fostered and loved over time. I shouldn't rush myself. If I stick with Driscol long enough, he says, I'll discover something that'll uncover the bastard's plans.

If he has plans. I only have The Baron's word on that. And should I trust him anyway? He's in cahoots with the rats, and I don't trust them… and Antonia told me to watch out for the guy… gah, who DO I trust anymore?! Is there even a REASON to be paranoid like this, or am I running around in physical and mental circles for no reason?

Yeesh. Family reunions back on the farm were less painful than this. 'least there I got some food along with the beatings and the confusion.

Since I don't have anything new to report on the spying front, I guess I can talk about the life of a royal guard instead. Gotta say, the stuuuuupid uniforms aside, it's pretty awesome being a royal guard.

Not around nobles, of course. Nobles don't care if you've got a spiked cap or a giant honking steel building on top of your head. They'll order you around no matter what. Only difference is, they're less likely to hit me in the face as a royal guard, 'cause I'm better covered. (Get lotsa wrist slapping, though.)

But the commoners? The simple folk like myself? They're generous. They're respectful. When they ask you something, they're a hell of a lot more polite than if you were a normal guard, and they give you free stuff if you walk by 'em in the marketplace. For no reason, to boot! I love it! I mean, they were nice to me BEFORE this, but now? Super nice.

Not that the other royal guards seem to care either way. Whenever I try to engage 'em in conversation, which isn't too often, they're all as stony-faced as usual. Don't have anything to say unless they're givin' or takin' orders. You'd figure they would open up to one of their own, but nooooo

Oh well. The hunt for clues continues, whether The Baron's legit or not. It's this or guarding a bucket somewhere, and if there's even a chance that Driscol might be up to something nasty, I'll take this nonsense over the bucket.


Dragomir the Still Clueless

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