Monday, June 25, 2012

Day Two-Thirty-Six: Here's lookin' at you, ugly

Those damned royal guards are watching my every move. Oooooh, I fuckin' HATE those guys. Don't trust them one bit. They seem content not to mess with me if I stay away from the east wing of the keep, so I'll abide by their wishes / demands.

For now. Can't keep me outta that hole FOREVER, ya silky buggers.

Guards aside, I set about looking for Prince Logan today, like I was doin' on Friday. And I actually found him! Took me about six hours, but I spotted him hanging out with his old partner in crime, Grylock. They were playing cards near the ruins of the Neck, which, I've happily discovered, isn't going to be rebuilt. FUCK that bloody death trap.

I stupidly called out to Logan the moment I caught sight of him, and when Grylock turned to look at me the prince leaped onto the outer wall and ran away. I called for him again, but, no luck. Rats. That was the last I saw of Prince Logan.

So. Yeah. If you thought I was successful, you were sorely mistaken, diary. So sorely.

I was of the manhunt by that point, and I seated myself in his spot at the card table (a big chunk of rock, no less) and asked Grylock how he'd found Logan. Turns out Logan had come to chat with Grylock in his quarters, and they'd both wanted fresh air. Hence the outdoor card game.

That wasn't the meaty part of the conversation. What I discovered next was a shock, and that shock was wrapped in a surprise, because I wouldn't have figured that I would care: Grylock is leaving.

"Leaving?" I gasped, surprised at the mixture of caring and shock, as well as a dollop of dismay. "What? Why? Where're you goin?"

"Away," the goblin grunted, pointing beyond the rubble of the castle and to the west. "Back home. Got recalled on Friday. King Gok wants me in Goblinoster by the end of the week."

I played with one of the cards on the table, trying to mask my concern. "That doesn't explain why, though. C'mon, out with it."

"Heh. Didn't think you would give two shits, Drago, not after I pissed on your boots."

"Well, I don't. I just like to keep informed." Bit of a lie.

"Meh." The goblin pocketed his cards. "Guess I win that game by forfeit… I'm leaving, Dragomir, 'cause the castle has been deemed unsafe. After Jeffrey's bloody announcement about expansion, Gok suspects that you lot might be attacking us in the near future. He fears for my life, so he's pullin' me out before I 'creatively disappear'. His words."

"'Creatively disappear'? The hell does that mean?"

"Damned if I know. I wouldn't find out 'til one of those tin-plated goons came 'n snagged me in the night, and I don't feel like handin' their asses to 'em durin' the escape attempt. Ambassador shouldn't embarrass his hosts, y'know. Heh."

"Oh." I frowned. "That's… that's too bad. You're gonna… miss… my little girl's wedding, I guess."

"What, were ya gonna make me the best man or somethin'? Don't think that's up t'you, daddy." He cackled. "S'no big deal anyway. Logan was just 'advising' me that I should be on my way out. Clearly he wasn't too keen on me stickin' around."

"Advising?" I propped my elbows on the table and leaned in close, maybe too interested for my own good. "What's that s'pposed to mean?"

Grylock shrugged. "Said he wanted me to head home. That I wasn't, y'know, safe 'round these parts. We've… collaborated, before, so I figured it might be wise to accept the spirit of his words, even if they were a bit harsh. 'n I'm outta here anyway. No biggie. Right? Right."

"He didn't say why you should leave, though?"

"Nope. Didn't talk about much of anything, 'cept cards. 'n a bit about his kangaroo pal in the dungeons. You wanna find the lad, you might visit the 'roo."

A good idea, that, and I have checked in the dungeons a couple times. There's been no sign of Logan. I'll try again tomorrow, maybe stake out the dungeons. I haven't really visited Antonia since the werewolf… thing… whatever… and I'm sure she could use the company.

"Thanks." I stood, stretched (the tiny seats are made for kids and goblins, not full-grown adults), and offered Grylock my hand. "S'not gonna be the same around here without you, ambassador. Will I see you again?"

Grylock slapped away my hand, though he did grin cheerfully. "'course you will. Next time we invade. 'n trust me, when we do, we'll win. You take care 'o that lady of yours in the meantime, yeah? I'll make sure your shitty shack doesn't get burned down by our archers."

Gee. Thanks, Grylock.

That's that. I won't be present for the departure, early tomorrow, but the castle's resident goblin is headed home. Despite what he says, I don't think he's coming back. Grylock gone, The Baron dead, rats fled… it feels like the castle is slowly emptying itself.


Dragomir the Tracker


  1. I'm gonna miss our resident Ambadassador. Grylock was pretty awesome as far as Free XP goes.

  2. I already made a profile on the new Wiki. I wanna also state that it was not some anon that commented that Travelers rat is named Vamhtaar. It was me.

  3. Poor Grylock, we'll all miss the stingy bugger!