Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day Two-Fifty-Eight: Diary Shenanigans

What? Drags no more write in me? Saaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

FINE. He no write, then I, diary, which is me and I, will do it. Instead. You thinks you are only one is writing, Drags? Har ho! IIIIIIII no let pages be unfilled. No!

'cept those onesies ratty blanked out. Poor ratty. He got kicked outta here. No talkin' to poor diary no more. Other ratties, they say, MY ratty be dead! Keeled dead.

Poor ratty. Showed me, fighting catties is fun. Will miss him.

SO dark, diary, which is I. SO dark. Drags has stick, has green glow, but he won't use. Why? Don't know. Used to write in me before, I guess, and now? No write. So no stick. So no light.

Is fine. Eyes, they don't mind dark. Thank you, ratty skin! Still. Like light. Reminds me of cupboardhome. Cupboardhome missable.

I go for little walk. One of men, BIG guy, stupid hair. He point, he say, "Diary! You don't move! Why you move?!" And I, diary, say "Ho! I move. Look at me move." And I wiggles my toesies.

Man, he jumps. He jumps right off wooden thinger. Splat. Crack. Whoops. I don't move no more. He can be fix, yeah? Like me, broken spine. Can fix. Yeah.

Poor Drags. So lonely. Cuddle with wifey? I like wifey. Not so much no as Drags, but she writes nice. Go cuddle with Libbers, Drags. You always try do it other places. Why no now?

Cuddle. Mmm. They cuddle very loud. But then, I say, hairy things are coming. Hairy things, they smell bad. And I have no nose! That how bad, is they smell. So maybe no cuddling.

Also! Also also! Drags come visit! Not little Drags, MY Drags, but BIG Drags. Is swoop down and look at us. He not so big then, look kinda bugsy. But I know. Is scaly Drags. I know 'cause he is looking at me right now, with, like, a billijillion eyes. Buzzzzzzzz.

Bye, big-small Drags. See you soon? Yah. Is fun visit with big-small Drags. Kinda like ratty, only less with the squeaks.

Sigh. Bored. Come, Drags, put downs your sandmiches! Write in me!




  1. Diary is an adorable ray of sunshine in these dark and edgy times.

  2. I love Diary's writing so much.

  3. It's like...a adorable kitten, several puppies, and a sneezing baby panda all smashed together in a blender and then put on paper!...actually that sounds horrible...but the Diary is adorable!