Friday, August 31, 2012

Day Two-Seventy-Five: Welcome Back


  1. Wow. The colour of that fire didn't translate well at alllllllll. I'm rather disappointed... and a bit flummoxed.

  2. I love to see Libby's true feelings for Dragomir. She used to seem so tough and guarded... I must admit that I originally they were just married because it was arranged, so seeing when she shows that she truly cares is reassuring.

  3. ...well shit. I guess this is where Dragomirs Diary ends forever then?

    I stop playing games if I forgot to save an hour ago. Poor Drags lost half a year of levelling. Dude's just gonna sit around his apartment, accruing Cheeto dust.

    1. Nah, see the hole in his breastplate? It would be whole. I think that it's like in Diablo 2, only you don't have to retreat you equipment. Because naked Drags is so gross.