Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day Two-Seventy-Two: Eight-Legged Leak

HA! No keep I's locked in! Old woman, you not reckon with force that is DIARY!

Recap? Woman. Libbers. Leave I behind. Me? Miffed. Out! Want see Drags. No been away this long, and I, Drags, buds. No dude left behind! That is style, diary. You see.

I look in room. Wrigglers creep, and I move away, away. No like wrigglers. They screech at I. Big crawly, though, he is help. I find him, sleeping, desk. Look likes big grossing thing in watermoat, but this, much nicer.

"Yes?" says he, all watchin' me with eyesies. Many eyesies. "Can I help you?"

I, diary, not so much on the talking. I scurry, I open, I say with the writings. "Out," says me, which is I, diary. "Out. Open the thinger."

He stretches his legs. He so fuzzy. "Oh, you want to leave? I'm not sure that was the plan. That young woman left you behind for your protection. Master June might be upset if I let you go. She can be a trifle frightening when she's upset."

"Out. Go. Out. Drags." I underline. Em-pha-seeeeeeees.

"Yes, I remember him. And the last time you were here. I was very sorry to -"

Underline. Em-pha-seeeeeeeeeeeeees.

"No, I'm - "

Hop. Underline underline. Em-pha-seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

"I really - "

Hop hop underline underline underline em-pha-seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees bang desk hurt head fall over ow. Diary, you so crazy.

"Oh dear. Calm down, calm down." White thingers comes out his butt, and he falls all slow to diary. "I can understand the bond between a familiar and a master. Assuming that's what you are. Yes, fine, I'll let you out. If anyone asks, though, you found your own way. Agreed?"

Nod. Yes. Certainly. Own way? Primo. Diary, I am so awesome like that. Help? PSSSH-awwwwwww yeah.

Crawly goes up. Four legs. Other four? Waves. He just don't care. He waves, he grooves, and pop! Big wood door open. Wetness smell comes in and I pee-yew, and crawly, so he does too yes. He waves all goodbye, and offs I go!

And trip.

And falls in wetness.

But I is on going! Go, go, to Drags, diary!




  1. I have begun having the urge to sign all correspondence with 'Sinceres'.

    1. I accidentally used 'Sinceres' a few times when writing for Libby. It's a great non-word.

  2. Sinceres is the BEST!