Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day Two-Sixty: Ad Infernum, Part Four


  1. That'll teach him. It is NOT okay to cry. It is unmanly.

  2. This comic.

    This... freaking... comic.

    My friends, let me tell you about this comic.

    THE SUBSTANCE IS FINE. I am quite content with the storytelling, and what happens at the end will hopefully shock a couple of you. The technical aspects of it, though? GRRRRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHH

    Started off like the other comics. Did it once, didn't like the colouring, went through and did it again. Looked much better. UNFORTUNATELY, Photoshop decided to fuck up on me TWICE, once going so far as to corrupt the entire file I'd been working on. So I effectively had to colour this one comic FOUR TIMES. FOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUR TIIIIIIIMEEEEEEEEES.

    After that final colouring job I figured I was done. Reasonable enough belief, yeah? I left it to sit for a month. All finished. Move on to other things.

    But then...

    Oh, but then...

    I made a stupid, grievous error with the other comics: I decided to change the freaking background colour.

    Originally they had all looked like this: the colour for the background panels of the blog. At the beginning of the week I made the executive decision to change them back to normal, though, and have been doing so quite easily all week... until I arrived at THIS comic.

    For some reason that I no longer recall, I flattened this whole damn image in my .psd file. So when it came time to go in and mess with the colour, I couldn't. Not easily, anyway. After an hour of early-morning fiddling to adjust the green I said "Gah, fuck it" and, well, here's the result. Not bad, but... irritating.

    Also, have you noticed that I had to chop up my big comics in order to make little panels? I couldn't find a host that would support the full-sized comics. All that little separation work I did, gone to hell. Gah.

    NEEDLESS TO SAY, this week has been one of terrible pain on my part, and you should all feel sorry for me, rant rant rant. I'll stop now.

    Oh, what, Dragomir got stabbed? Shit, son.

  3. Monsieur Bird, I am having a lot of faith in you right now. A LOT of faith.

  4. That crunch was Dragomir's heart being trampled over.

    Regardless, I'd still like to have daughter like that one day.

  5. Why oh why did I read that last panel in the voice that announcers in fighting games say "KO!"?

    Also, Dragomir isn't dead. His saga is far from over....