Monday, August 20, 2012

Day Two-Sixty-Six: Belly Come Back

Fuck me. I didn't miss being pregnant.

It's not the same as it was with that asshole Eve. Everything about that first pregnancy was pain, every little movement or urge something of fire. I'm an angry person by nature, but that… I was pissed almost all the time. Even going outside and visiting Daena didn't do a hell of a lot to make me feel better.

Daena. I guess I don't have to call her 'Queen' anymore. She's probably out a kingdom. I wonder where she went…?

But, yeah. Fire aside, this pregnancy still sucks in its own way. I'm much calmer this time, but that makes it a sad experience rather than an angry one. It's hard to move around, I can't do as much busy work with my growing belly in the way, I get tired quickly, I have weird cravings, and… yeah. Overall, not a great way to spend a dull week in a posh goblin dungeon.

That's what this is, too. A fucking dungeon. There's lots of room for all of us, but even when you're always tired and want to lay down most of the time, a space like this is boring as hell. And restrictive. I can't make anything here, and by the gods, I miss doing that. Whenever I make things, I can let my mind focus on the task, rather than… you know… other stuff.

Bad stuff.

Hm. Maybe I could tear apart the cabinets and turn them into different cabinets. Or… maybe a battering ram… we could use one to knock down the doors and escape… but, no, the fucking nobles wouldn't be able to lift a battering ram, they have the arms of newborn babes.

Gah. A baby reference. My mind is stuck on that subject. Something else, something else…

Our only visitor, aside from attendants who ignore us, is Grylock. He shows up a few times a day to ask us questions about what happened, and to assure us that an audience with King Gok is 'coming'. But he can't tell us when, because the king has other, more pressing concerns… namely locating Barrel the Dragon.

Yeah. Barrel. I'd passed out before this happened, but Edmund told me that, once everyone was off his back, Barrel turned into a… something small… and flew off. Nobody knows where. The goblins are panicky over this fact, 'cause dragons are fucking scary. King Gok is focusing most of his efforts on finding Barrel. Grylock says that Gok likes to join his search parties, so most of his time is being whittled away in the swamps, where they suspect Barrel is hiding.

Why he's hiding, I have no idea. Barrel's the fucking hero. He saved us. He shouldn't have to run away. But… dragons… go figure.

Sorry. I'm done writing. I'm tired, and I need to yell at Edmund to stop playing the same songs over and over. He knows a lot of them, but after a week of constant serenading, his collection is pretty stale. Love songs just don't appeal to this gal.

Hm. Wonder if I can get the goblins to make me horseradish sandwiches. That sounds delicious right about now.



  1. Daena will always be queen in our hearts.

    1. I miss the*sheds a tear*...was a beautiful fortress on wheels...oh...and Daena too, she was okay I guess.

      (Just kidding! I think Daena was a awesome character, and hopefully she escaped the Destruction of Castle "Large pit of rubble")