Friday, August 10, 2012

Suspense Week, Day Five

One last time. If you haven't seen what happened at the end of last week, the finale of Dragomir's Diary, now's your chance. (Not that it's gonna magically disappear after this or nuthin'. I'll just shut up about it.) Click!

And, lest I be neglectful, Mindless Walkabout completes its Baron-esque cameo today! Iko also disappears for a looooong time. (I think I milked his character too much as it is.)

ALSO ALSO ALSO! I took some time yesterday to create a handy summary of season one of Dragomir's Diary! As I told my girlfriend: "It's succinct and covers the salient points, yet explains nothing." Perfect. Check it out below!

We've reached the end of suspense week! Regular updates will resume on Monday. Yaaaaaay. I'd... better start writing...

But much is planned. Oh yes. Unlike season one, which congealed as it ambled along (seriously, I more or less winged the first four months), season two is ready to spring like a freaking tiger. EXPECT THE FOLLOWING:

- An answer to you-know-what (lookit the poll)

- A big change in setting - sorry, folks, the castle's out of the picture for now

- New character designs for most of the cast once they get settled in - here's Libby as an example:

- New characters, like these guys:

- Reappearances of old characters, some of whom you may not expect

- More webcomic-y days - though not too often, 'cause they take freaking forever to do

- More answers for your many questions - a lot of 'em were left hanging at the end of last season, and I relish that fact

- And, most deadly of all, AN ENCOUNTER WITH A SLOTH omgggggg


... on Monday. Not now. I'm going to play Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion right now. It's a good game.


  1. OMG, Sins of a Solar Empire. They're still churning those games out? Man, I've been gone a while. I'm surprised I even found another person that even plays that game that I didn't have to talk them into it...

    Also, I think I'd like to point out that along with the end of season 1, is also the end of the old Captchas. They're starting something new as well. Seems like It's the ti-ime of the season for changes...(for loviiiing). Damn you Zombies...

    1. I only started with the latest expansion, which is also a stand-alone game. It's a lot of fun, if somewhat tedious at times. My PC isn't amazing for games, so ramping up the speed becomes less and less effective as more ships appear on the screen.

      Also? Third-party mods. Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5. Tendency to crash. Aggravation.

    2. But it IS an epic feeling to see a Star Destroyer taking out The Pegasus...